Ad formats

  • 8 tips for effective video advertising


    Following the launch of ExoClick's new pre-roll in-stream video ad format, here are some key insights into how the format works, the great potential it has to drive conversions, its payment model and analytics, how to maximise impact with content and calls to action and finally a useful checklist to help get you started when using this highly effective digital ad format. 1. It's more engaging Video advertising your product... Read More

  • New insights into why consumers are installing ad blockers

    ad blocking

    According to eMarketer installation of ad blockers on desktop is still increasing, up 48% to 45 million people in 2015, by the end of 2016 this will hit 63 million and rise to 77 million in 2017. But what exactly drives people to turn to ad blockers? Two new surveys have just been released that show some very interesting insights. Omnicom Media Group (OMG) surveyed a large sample group as... Read More

  • ExoClick’s Instant Message Ad Format


    ExoClick recently released an update to its Instant Message ad format. Inside our admin panel, advertisers can now select under 'New campaign>Ad format' a choice between Mobile Instant Message and Web Instant Message to enable advertisers to quickly select the right channel for this high performance ad format. The Instant Message format is typically a copy of the instant messenger chat box, on mobile the size is 300x100 and on... Read More

  • Alternative ad formats to mobile redirects


    Now that the number of mobile users has out paced desktop users and Google has forced the world to mobilize with Mobilegeddon, all publishers are aware that sites have to be responsive and mobile friendly or they will be penalized in the Google search rankings. But are publishers and advertisers aware of how Google's algorithm affects the ad format: mobile redirects? Mobile redirects send traffic to an advertisement page instead... Read More

  • The wonderful world of mobile advertising for beginners


    Perhaps the three most important drivers for mobile domination have happened this year. The first was Google's mobile friendly update back in April. Brands with websites not optimised for mobile have suffered a 10 per cent dip in traffic according to the Adobe Digital Index which examined the change since Google introduced its new methodology. Secondly, the growth of mobile digital advertising, mobile is the fastest growing sector. Advertisers are... Read More

  • Advice: 5 tips for split testing banner ad campaigns


    Before you give up on an ad campaign that isn't delivering the CTR or conversions you want, have you tried some split testing? You can do this by testing different variables on your ads to determine which perform the best. Here are some ideas on what variables to test. 1. Ad headline Playing around with the wording of your headline can make a big difference. Can you create a slogan... Read More

  • Advice: 5 tips for effective banner advertising

    TOP 5 TIPS 1A

    Whether it's online or for mobile, banner advertising is an effective way to promote products and services, but many advertisers make mistakes by launching a campaign without working out their strategy first. The following 5 tips are designed as a useful checklist to ensure you have an effective campaign before running your ads on an ad network like ExoClick. 1. A wider audience Reaching the right target audience with your... Read More

  • Ad Formats: Using Interstitials for your ad campaigns

    int pic

    ExoClick' s proprietary ad network platform offers several different ad formats and each one can be exploited to reach your target market. In this ExoClick blog post we are going to take a look in more detail at the 'interstitial' to see how you can increase click thru rates using interstitials for your ad campaigns. What the hell is an interstitial? It is a pop up or a full page ad... Read More