• ExoClick’s new Media Library Tab

    Advertisers now have a new Media Library tab under the Campaigns tab. This new tab gives you a more direct way to upload, archive, tag, search and check the status of your assets.   What can this new feature do? Previously, to upload and manage media assets for your campaigns, you had to create a variation in the Campaigns tab. The new Media Library tab allows you to upload and... Read More

  • How to create Dynamic Keyword Insertions for Native ads

    Did you know that you can dynamically change texts within your Native ad campaigns? This is a really useful feature, particularly for GEO targeting and can really help you increase conversions. It’s all down to dynamic keyword insertion tokens, which automatically replace specific texts with keywords relevant to the end user. Here’s an example, let's say you have a GEO localised dating product. With the dynamic keyword insertion for country,... Read More

  • The Manga and Anime Market is Big Business

    ExoClick has introduced a new category in the admin panel called Manga & Anime, in this blog post we will give you a market analysis of this globally popular entertainment genre and some tips on how publishers and advertisers can generate revenues from Manga & Anime.   Manga and Anime explained You might instantly think of Manga as THE definitive name for cartoons and animation content in Japan, however, did you... Read More

  • How to use video advertising to convert your offers

    Among all of the different digital ad formats out there, video is the one that has shown the most growth. Our culture is driven by the fast consumption of short video content on social networks such as Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so consumers have become totally accustomed to their news feeds being filled with videos from various sources. This article is aimed at helping advertisers and affiliates to... Read More

  • ExoClick’s Network Statistics Q2 2019

    Each quarter our Business Intelligence team examines our network data. For Q2 we focussed on The Bidder, Video Advertising and Email Clicks, here are the results.   The ExoClick Bidder Advertisers are continuing to use our Bidder tool to automate their bidding and blocking of under performing ad zones. In Q2 this year we saw an increase in new users month on month: Bidder Rules But what criteria are users... Read More

  • API Global Routes Function Masterclass #1: Advertisers

    In the first of this series of two blog posts, we will show you how to fetch data from our platform by using the new API Global routes function. The aim is to help you to analyse and multi-filter some selected statistics utilising examples from this spreadsheet which should copy to your Google Drive. The spreadsheet will get you started using the API with some examples and then later, when... Read More

  • Google rolls out Chrome ad blocking globally

    Back in February 2018, Google Chrome started blocking ads on websites that display non-compliant ads, as defined by the Coalition for Better Ads. The aim was to protect end users from annoying and harmful ad experiences in North America and Europe. On July 9th 2019 Chrome rolled out this initiative globally, meaning all websites viewed in the Chrome browser will be subject to these rules.   Here is a quick recap... Read More

  • Tutorial: How to set up a Video Slider ad zone

    The new Video Slider format is similar to the existing Instant Message format, but instead of displaying images it displays a video. The video is loaded through a VAST tag. The end user sees the ad slide in from the right at the bottom of the webpage. To ensure compliance the end user can close the ad. It is fully responsive and works on all browsers. The format is ideal... Read More

  • Tutorial: Setting up a Video Slider campaign

    The new Video Slider format is similar to the existing Instant Message format, but instead of displaying images it displays a video. This format is compelling for the end user, because the ad slides in from the right at the bottom of the page to catch their eye. The end user can click on the ad to go to your landing page. The Video Slider is fully responsive and works... Read More

  • Affiliate Case Study: $9,736 profit promoting nutra in Thailand

    Affiliate Andy Simpson provides a case study to show how he targeted Thailand with nutra offers using ExoClick’s traffic sources.   Campaign period: 1 Jan 2019- 10 April 2019 Offer: Various Nutra products Affiliate Network: dr.cash Advertising Network: ExoClick Ad format: Banner and Native GEO: Thailand Investment: $12,736 Total income:  $22,472 Net profit: $9,736 ROI: 76%   I kicked off the campaign at the start of 2019 with the aim... Read More