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  • Account Manager tips on how to monetize Social Media traffic

    highest social media traffic times how to monetize Social Media traffic how to monetize social media audience monetize your social media audience create a social media channel for monetization how to monetize facebook page with ExoClick How to place Direct Links on a WhatsApp channel

    Social Media traffic typically consists of users who are highly engaged and interested in the content being shared, which often translates to higher conversion rates when they click on Advertiser Direct Links. In short, because this engaged audience is more likely to take action, it leads to higher revenues for you as a Publisher. In this article we tell you the main benefits of monetizing your Social Media traffic with... Read More

  • The best ad formats to promote Sports Offers in 2024

    Best ad formats in Sports Betting 2024

    This summer is big for sports with both the UEFA Euro Cup and the Olympics being held in Paris. These sporting events create a huge opportunity for your Sports offers. In our previous article, we delved into our top tips on creating Video ads for the UEFA Euros 2024 and the 2024 Olympics so now we will focus on answering the question 'What are the best ad formats to promote... Read More

  • How to create great Banner ads: Maximize Display offers conversions

    how to create great banner ads maximize Display offers conversions High quality digital marketing banner ads for advertisers the primary purpose of a banner ad is to Where to find web banner ad templates banner ad design best practices for higher conversions how do i create a banner ad to maximize conversions online advertising banner ads tips from account managers Video and static types of web banner ads  banner ads lower bidding cost animated web banner ads with video

    Wondering how to create great Banner ads to maximize Display offers conversions? One of the most popular forms of Display advertising are Banners, which constitute an effective method for Advertisers to generate leads and create brand awareness. In fact, according to Statista, ad spending in the Banner advertising market globally is projected to reach US$174.4bn in 2024, with an annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2028) of 5.69%, resulting in a projected... Read More

  • 4 Essential display ad formats that every Publisher should be using

    Essential display ad formats that every publisher should be using Essential display ad formats for Publishers benefits of display advertising for website Publishers why should an advertiser consider using responsive display ads display advertising solutions for publishers banner ad 728x90  excellent banner ads for website publishers 300x500 banner ad 320x250 banner ad what's a key benefit of responsive display ads benefits of responsive display ads for publishers what's an advantage of responsive display ads Ad network with multi-format ads Benefits of multi-format ads what are interstitial ads how much do interstitial ads pay interstitial ads best practices

    Display advertising is an essential part of the digital landscape, with Display format ads growing in popularity year after year. So much so that, according to Statista, in 2024, Display advertising spending worldwide is forecast to expand by +6.9% to reach roughly 236 billion dollars. Display ads are a staple of digital Publishing and can help you successfully monetize your website traffic and unlock sustainable revenue streams by appealing to... Read More

  • How to convert Dating offers with Email Marketing in the US

    How to convert Dating offers with Email Clicks in the US How to target the US to convert your Dating offers maximize US Dating offers with Email Clicks  Best times to promote Dating offers with email marketing in the US Optimize Dating campaigns with Sub IDs top US states to receive the most clicks on online Dating offers

    How to convert Dating offers with Email Marketing in the US? Online Dating in the US is booming as people turn to the internet to find romantic connections. It is a highly profitable market. And in fact, according to Statista, the number of online Daters in the US is expected to increase between 2024 and 2028 by 5.3 million (+8.76%), reaching 65.86 million in 2028. One of the best ad... Read More

  • Publisher Case Study: New Desktop and Mobile responsive display ads

    Enable RDAs on IM, Sticky Banner & FPI zones Ad network with Sticky Banner RDA zones Ad network with Instant Message RDA zones Ad network with Fullpage Interestitial RDA zones What are Responsive Display Ads Enable RDAs on Fullpage Interstitial Mobile zones Enable RDAs on Instant Message Mobile and Desktop zones Enable RDA on Sticky Banner Mobile and Desktop zones RDA Publisher Case Study

    Three new Desktop and Mobile Responsive Display Ads are available on ExoClick’s platform: Instant Message, Sticky Banners and Fullpage Interstitial. Since launch, many ExoClick Publishers have been benefiting from these three new RDA format options. To show you their effectiveness, we have worked on the Case Study below with 6 different Publishers who experienced noticeable revenue and metric increases after enabling RDAs on their ad zones. Keep on reading to... Read More

  • ExoClick now offers more ad formats for Responsive Display Ads

    What are responsive display ads

    Three new Responsive Display Ad formats to target Since ExoClick launched Responsive Display Ads (RDAs) for all static Banner sizes back in April 2022, they have been a huge success for both Advertisers and Publishers. Now ExoClick has added three more ad formats for Responsive Display Ads: Instant Message,  Sticky Banners and Fullpage Interstitial. What are Responsive Display Ads? If you don’t know what RDAs are, here’s a quick summary.... Read More

  • Publishers! How to automate keyword extraction from meta tags

    How to automate the keyword extraction from page meta tags

    Do you have meta tags within your web pages? Did you know that keywords allow you to help attract advertisers to target your ad zones. Many advertisers use keyword targeting when setting up their campaigns to help them find ad zones that display similar content to the theme of their offer, to make their ads fit more contextually into a site. If an end user sees an ad for an... Read More

  • Media Buyers! 5 ways to convince your boss to use video advertising

    Convince your boss to start video advertising

    If you haven't tried video advertising to promote your offers yet, here we bring you 5 solid tips to convince your boss that you need to do it. #1 Statistics don’t lie According to industry sources, more and more marketers are using video advertising to drive sales. Check out these statistics: 84% of video marketers say video has been effective for generating leads, up 1% from 2020. (Wyzowl) Video ads... Read More

  • New feature: Multi-Format Ad Statistics for Publishers

    Multi-Format Ad statistics

    Publishers can now  track the performance of their Multi-Format Ad Zones, as well as the individual Banner and Native zones that are used in them with our Multi-Format Ad Statistics. Data can be viewed in both the Statistics tab and the Dashboard: In the Statistics tab data is displayed for Multi-Format Ad Zones in two reports in the Sites & Zones tab: Ad Zones and Multi-Format Zone Details (New) In... Read More

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