ExoClick is a member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), making the internet a safer place.

What is the IWF? The Internet Watch Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organisation supported by the global internet industry and the European Commission. It works internationally to make the internet a safer place, by identifying and removing online child sexual abuse images and videos.

How the IWF helps In 2020, the Internet Watch Foundation team assessed over 150,000 reports of child sexual abuse imagery online and were able to seek the removal of millions of criminal images and videos.

How the IWF works? The Internet Watch Foundation offers the public a safe place to report suspected online child sexual abuse images and videos anonymously. The Internet Watch Foundation’s team of expert content analysts pro actively search for child sexual abuse images and videos and provides members with a list of keywords which provides cryptic terms associated with child sexual abuse material.

IWF URL List When child sexual abuse is found, the Internet Watch Foundation compiles and maintains a list of URLs for individual webpages with child sexual abuse content called the IWF URL List. The list typically contains between 5,000 and 12,000 URLs every day with a daily ‘churn’ of content being added to the list and removed from the list as appropriate.

IWF & ExoClick  ExoClick’s membership involves help with funding the Internet Watch Foundation as well as collaborating by using their URL list and their keywords list. Additionally, ExoClick’s Compliance teamshares any detections of URLs that feature child sexual abuse content for the Internet Watch Foundation to review and alert relevant authorities.