• ExoClick is now a member of WeProtect Global Alliance

    ExoClick is now a member of WeProtect Global Alliance

    ExoClick is now a member of WeProtect Global Alliance, an Alliance of over 200 members committed to ending child sexual exploitation and abuse online. We believe that every child deserves to grow up in a safe digital environment, free from harm and exploitation. WeProtect Global Alliance brings together governments, civil society, and the technology industry to tackle the growing threat of child sexual abuse online. By working together, the Alliance... Read More

  • ExoClick becomes a member of Adigital

    ExoClick joins Adigital

    ExoClick, is now a member of Adigital. Adigital is the leading business association representing the Digital Economy in Spain. ExoClick is a Spanish company based in Barcelona and the company’s membership to Adigital will allow ExoClick to continue to strengthen its commitment to business innovation within the digital ecosystem. Adigital represents over 525 innovative and transformative companies that believe in and work for the development of the economy based on... Read More

  • What is an ad tech Hackathon: The ultimate multicultural tech creative exchange 

    ad tech hackathon

    Let us explain one of the perks of working in ad tech and being in the team of one of the best ad tech companies to work for, whether it is in Barcelona, Dublin, or Porto: Our internal ad tech Hackathon! Our team of Developers love a Hackathon, but ad tech Hackathon projects need teams that also include other roles for their teams including QA, Sales, Business Intelligence and Marketing... Read More

  • What is an adblocker? How does ad blocking work and how to beat ad blockers

    What is an adblocker? How does ad blocking work and how to beat ad blockers

    What is an adblocker? Ad blocking refers to the process of using software or tools to prevent advertisements from being displayed on websites, mobile apps, or other digital platforms. Ad blocking tools work by identifying and blocking the scripts, codes, or content associated with online advertisements. Ad blocking has become popular due to several reasons. Some people find online ads intrusive, disruptive, or distracting while browsing the web. Others may... Read More

  • Advertisers! Have you tested out our high quality Direct Link Menu Tabs?

    Benefits of Direct Link Menu Tabs

    What is a Direct Link Menu Tab? The Direct Link Menu Tab ad format is an advertisement displayed within the Menu or Navigation Tab of a website on desktop or mobile. The ad format is displayed as an actual Menu Tab. Publishers select either a Text or Image to describe the Menu Tab, so the end user is aware of what he will be clicking on. Once an end user... Read More

  • Advertiser Case Study: Smart Bid is an effective strategy to turn losing campaigns into winners

    Before reading this Smart Bid advertiser campaign case study, if you are not familiar with the Smart Bid automated bidding feature for advertisers, we recommend that you first read this article to help you better understand the pricing model feature. Then in this Smart Bid advertiser campaign case study, we will demonstrate how an advertising campaign evolved over time using the Smart Bid feature to deliver the results desired by... Read More

  • How to create a successful Native advertising campaign

    successful Native advertising campaign

    Are you wondering how to create a successful Native advertising campaign? Native ads are a very flexible format where you can get very creative in order to drive conversions. They look like the editorial content on a website - They do not look like ads! They perfectly merge with their environment, inviting the end user to click through to access editorial content that sparks their curiosity and matches their interests.... Read More

  • Women working in tech: International Women’s Day at ExoClick

    Women working in tech International Women's Day at ExoClick

    ExoClick is an innovative ad network based in Barcelona, Spain. ExoClick has a diverse and multicultural team of 90+ individuals, 43% of which are women. The international average of female representation within the tech world is 26.7%, with only 26.2% female employees in tech firms with more than 10k employees, making ExoClick one of the best places to work for women in tech. If this smaller percentage is seen at... Read More

  • Fluid Player New Update! Live Stream Video Ads

    Fluid Player New Update! Live stream video Ads

    Ever since YouTube LIVE and Twitch, live stream video ads have become extremely popular to promote brands. Brands get to connect in real-time with their audience, achieving immediate engagement. This format has been proven to achieve a higher and more positive response from target consumers, which makes it very attractive both for publishers and advertisers alike.  The free open source HTML 5 video player Fluid Player has been serving streaming... Read More

  • Using Async ad tags with WordPress

    Using Async ad tags with WordPress

    If you are monetising your content using WordPress, did you know that you can integrate display ad banners using ExoClick’s Async ad tags?  4 reasons why you should use Async Tags #1 Your site content will be able to load while the ads are loading. This will increase performance when used on well-optimized sites #2 You to use a single request to get multiple ad zones on the same page.... Read More

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