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    If you are a publisher you know that as a general rule in SEO it takes a new website 3 to 6 months before it really gains traction in organic searches. In a drive to grow website traffic, new and established publishers are using paid for traffic sources in order to supplement their organic traffic. In this way a publisher is also becoming an advertiser. So how does it work... Read More

  • Tutorial: How to use ExoClick’s new Automatic Optimisation landing page algorithm

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    Problem: You have several landing pages each promoting the same offer, using different creatives, different calls to action and you need to test them all using ExoClick’s traffic to find the best converting landing page in order to drive sales. Wouldn’t it be great to have an algorithm that would automatically send traffic to the best performing page? Well now you can with ExoClick’s new intelligent landing page traffic algorithms!... Read More

  • 12 ways ExoClick innovated in 2015


    Here at ExoClick we always listen to client feedback and we develop tools and platform tweaks to meet their needs, so we introduced several great platform innovations in 2015, travelled around the world attending the industry's best shows, raised money for some worthwhile charities and we celebrated our 9th birthday on the 1 December! Always on target We really beefed up our targeting features. Our flexible frequency capping (x impressions... Read More

  • Advice: Version 3 update Part 2 Filters and Workflow Enhancements


    Part 2: Filters and Workflow Enhancements In our last blog post we explained ExoClick's implementation of Big Data statistics in its Version 3 Admin Panel update and went through the parameters and filters and how you can use the new ‘time’ related data filters to help you evaluate and understand campaign performances better and how to setup timed campaigns using the new Day Parting function. Click here to see Part... Read More

  • Advice: Version 3 update Part 1 Big Data and Perfect Timing


    Part 1 : Big Data and Perfect Timing ExoClick has launched Version 3 of its Admin Panel and it comes with a host of improvements that give both Publishers and Advertisers access to Big Data statistics. To see an overview of the Version 3 improvements click here Welcome to Part 1 in our series of tips that will show you how to use the new features in our Version 3... Read More

  • ExoClick goes Big Data and enables exclusive features


    More than a year ago, ExoClick decided to massively invest into a large migration towards Big Data technology. Thanks to these complex improvements in the back-end, the platform is now able to offer a vast range of new features in its Admin Panel. From now on, Advertisers and Publishers are able to switch to the beta version of the new interface and benefit from ExoClick Big Data infrastructure: Live stats Close to... Read More