• Tutorial: How to set up a Video Slider ad zone

    The new Video Slider format is similar to the existing Instant Message format, but instead of displaying images it displays a video. The video is loaded through a VAST tag. The end user sees the ad slide in from the right at the bottom of the webpage. To ensure compliance the end user can close the ad. It is fully responsive and works on all browsers. The format is ideal... Read More

  • Tutorial: Setting up a Video Slider campaign

    The new Video Slider format is similar to the existing Instant Message format, but instead of displaying images it displays a video. This format is compelling for the end user, because the ad slides in from the right at the bottom of the page to catch their eye. The end user can click on the ad to go to your landing page. The Video Slider is fully responsive and works... Read More

  • Affiliate Case Study: $9,736 profit promoting nutra in Thailand

    Affiliate Andy Simpson provides a case study to show how he targeted Thailand with nutra offers using ExoClick’s traffic sources.   Campaign period: 1 Jan 2019- 10 April 2019 Offer: Various Nutra products Affiliate Network: dr.cash Advertising Network: ExoClick Ad format: Banner and Native GEO: Thailand Investment: $12,736 Total income:  $22,472 Net profit: $9,736 ROI: 76%   I kicked off the campaign at the start of 2019 with the aim... Read More

  • How to use Multi-filtering with ExoClick’s API Global Routes

    ExoClick has updated its platform API with some new features that allow you to automate statistics to be multi-filtered and cross-referencing of data. In this blog post we will give you an overview of the new features and code examples for Advertisers and Publishers to automate multi-filtering of some selected statistics. Here is an outline of the new API features: Flexibility: The new global routes provide you with much more... Read More

  • Affiliate Case Study: ROI 52% with official Game of Thrones game

    Experienced affiliate marketing professional Filipe Dominguez shares a campaign case study on how he used ExoClick’s traffic to generate a net profit of $250 in 10 days.   Campaign period: 20 - 31 March 2019 Offer: Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming the official game (from CPA network Adspree Media) Ad Network: ExoClick Ad format: In-stream video GEO: Germany Investment: $480 Total income: $730 Net profit: $250 Conversions: 202 ROI: 52%... Read More

  • Do you know what happens in 1 minute on the internet?

    ExoClick serves 4.86 million impressions and 2 million RTB queries! Check out what all the big internet platforms do in 1 minute. Read More

  • ExoClick and Malware and Google ad compliance

    Malware distribution via digital advertising is a continual battle for ad networks. It is important for all of them to protect their publishers and end users from being exposed to malicious ads. Malvertising might happen on any ad network at some point in time, including giant ones like Google. Here are news articles of some recent attacks: Bot Malware Attacks Rise, As Search Engines Blacklist Fewer Sites Good Morning Android... Read More

  • ExoClick network statistics Q1

    Each quarter our Business Intelligence team examines our network data. For Q1 2019 we looked at statistics for The Bidder and the ad formats: Push Notifications and Native.   The ExoClick Bidder Advertisers are continuing to use our Bidder tool to automate their bidding and blocking of under performing ad zones. Comparing Q4 2018 with Q1 2019 the number of unique active campaigns has increased by 62.67% with an increase of... Read More

  • Get ready for new Mastercard rules for free-trial billing

    Starting 16 April 2019, Mastercard will enforce new rules for free-trial conversion billing for advertisers who sell physical products with a free-trial billing model. This does not affect digital products. Mastercard’s new rules apply to vendors who meet all three of the following criteria: Sell physical merchandise, not digital goods or services Use a free-trial or negative option billing model Sell nutraceutical products e.g. vitamins, creams, etc If your business... Read More

  • Advertisers: Our New Admin Panel v2

    ExoClick's new Admin Panel is here and available in Beta for all our clients! This blog post shows you some of the great new features available to you as an Advertiser in our new Admin Panel version 2. Switching over to Beta To switch over from V1 to V2 Beta here's what you need to do: To the left of your My Account button is the toggle switch, toggle this... Read More