• ExoClick’s Ultimate Optimization Guide for Publishers

    We are constantly helping you, our Publishers, to grow your business by working with you to monetise your traffic, optimise your ad zones, stay Google compliant, give you business tips and ultimately improving your revenues. We have put together 11 great problem solving solutions using ExoClick’s Publisher platform tools/features to overcome 2020 challenges and to improve your bottom line, providing you with the Ultimate Guide for Optimization!   1. Push... Read More

  • A typical working day for Business Development Manager Jorge Bravo

    Have you ever wanted a career in Business Development? Jorge Bravo is a Business Development Manager here at ExoClick, focusing on dating traffic. We interviewed him to find out more about his role. What is Business Development and why is it so important? Business Development, or Biz Dev for short is normally considered an evolution of a sales role, but it is much more than just generating sales. Biz Dev... Read More

  • Larger Push Notification 720×480 ad format

    ExoClick has added a new campaign ad format for Push Notifications called Push Notifications 720x480, which allows advertisers to upload one 720x480px image to use for both the icon and the main creative image. Additionally Carrier and IP Ranges targeting options have been added to this ad format. The smaller sized 192x192px Push Notification format which will now be displayed in your Admin Panel as Push Notifications (Deprecated). Advantages to... Read More

  • Publishers! Try our Mobile Fullpage Interstitial & Popunder combinations

    The Mobile Fullpage Interstitial is a postitial ad that appears between page loads on a website. You can set various criteria set within ExoClick’s admin panel to trigger the ad on a user's click, which then displays the ad to the end user. The large format is fully responsive and takes up the full screen of the user’s device making it a popular choice for advertisers. It is available on... Read More

  • A typical working day for Compliance Team Leader Marius Soare

    ExoClick’s Compliance Team’s role is to ensure that our ad network is clean and free of any form of malvertising and that ad creatives are fully compliant with the industry standards set by Google and The Better Ads Coalition. This ensures that our publishers can be confident in knowing that the ads show on their sites are safe and that their end users are fully protected, so that they can... Read More

  • Traffic increases and vertical tips during COVID-19

    Network Traffic increases ExoClick’s Business Intelligence team has been closely monitoring our network’s traffic since various states of emergency and lockdowns were put into place by different GEOs. Below you can see the served impressions for each week from 9 March to 5 April, week 11 to week 15 of the year. The weekly percentages were calculated by comparing the traffic on our network from 2 to 8 March, week... Read More

  • ExoClick and Voluum integration for campaign costs for advertisers

    Integrating your ExoClick and Voluum account is quick and easy. This integration enables Voluum to periodically ping ExoClick for campaign cost information and update your campaign data.  Let’s get started! Before you can integrate with Voluum, you need to have an active ExoClick account in order to obtain your API Token. Creating your API token Log into your ExoClick admin panel and then open the drop down to the right... Read More

  • Manga users favourite verticals for ads

    ExoClick launched their successful Manga and Anime category back in August 2019. So we got our Business Intelligence department to evaluate impressions volumes, what the CTRs were for the top GEOs and the CTRs of the top ad formats and verticals that advertisers are targeting at Manga and Anime users. We have also added some tips for your campaigns to help you convert better. ExoClick’s average daily impression volumes for... Read More

  • Tips for remote working

    Due to the exceptional situation we are all experiencing, telework has become a must for many companies around the world.  Working remotely means your home is now also your office, which can be quite challenging. Usually, you get up, go to work and then come home to switch off, relax or socialize. But, when you are working from home it is harder to separate the work environment from your home... Read More

  • Advertisers! How to get maximum value from Members Area traffic

    What is Members area traffic? Members area traffic consists of users of any website that requires the user to sign up and join to see the content. This traffic source is very high quality and therefore highly valuable to advertisers. Dating tends to have the largest market share of members area traffic, but there are also other sources of membership sites such as VoD platforms, content pay sites and live... Read More