• Publisher Case Study: Increased eCPMs with In Page Push Notifications

    In Page Push Notifications

    Publishers! Have you implemented our In Page Push Notifications ad format yet? Since launching the ad format in September, more and more publishers are creating In Page Push Notification ad zones. In this article we look at 2 Publisher sites who have implemented the format and how it increased their revenues and how In Page Push Notification eCPMs compared to standard banner eCPMs for their sites. But first, here’s a... Read More

  • 6 ways to maximise Christmas online sales

    6 ways to maximise Christmas online sales Christmas strategy

    Christmas is the biggest shopping event of the year, coming straight after BlackFriday/Cyber Monday. In this blog post we bring you 6 ways to maximise Christmas online sales, with Christmas strategy tips and network CTRs to help you generate better conversions on ExoClick's platform this holiday season. #1 Digital products will be huge this Christmas This year physical goods are being hit by supply chain issues, in fact American online... Read More

  • Members Area Publishers! In Profile Native ad zones explained

    In Profile Native ads

    A Native ad contains an image, a Title (max 50 characters) a Description (max 90 characters) and also a Brand name (max 30 characters). It is designed to appear like the content of the website it is being displayed on. ExoClick has been working with selected Dating Members Area Publishers on a new Native ad zone concept: In Profile Native, where a Native ad that appears like a dating profile,... Read More

  • Advertisers! Get The Ultimate Guide to LiveCams!

    The Ultimate Guide to LiveCams

    ExoClick has produced it's latest PDF in its Ultimate Guide series, this time it's all about how to monetize LiveCam offers. The Ultimate Guide to LiveCams is explains: Why LiveCam offers are so profitable and different payout methods ExoClick's network statistics for CTRs of different ad formats and devices specifically for LiveCam offers Detailed ways to monetize LiveCam offers with Members Area and Free Content site traffic sources and creative... Read More

  • 7 ideas for Black Friday promotions

    7 ideas for Black Friday promotions

    This year's Black Friday 26 November and Cyber Monday 29 November are just around the corner and they are the busiest online shopping days of the year, because product owners and affiliates give great discounts for their offers. Many consumers wait especially for this time period to make a purchase, so it is a great opportunity to build up big volume sales.  Did you know? From 2018 to 2020, Cyber... Read More

  • Advertisers! 6 Reasons you should be using Outstream video

    Advertisers! 6 Reasons you should be using Outstream video

    Outstream is one of the 3 video ad formats ExoClick offers. If you haven’t tried the format yet to convert your offers, here are 6 reasons you should try using Outstream video! #1 How the format is viewed by the end user: Think of Outstream video as a display ad that happens to be a video. The Outstream Video ad is shown to an end user during their user journey,... Read More

  • Using Async ad tags with WordPress

    Using Async ad tags with WordPress

    If you are monetising your content using WordPress, did you know that you can integrate display ad banners using ExoClick’s Async ad tags?  4 reasons why you should use Async Tags #1 Your site content will be able to load while the ads are loading. This will increase performance when used on well-optimized sites #2 You to use a single request to get multiple ad zones on the same page.... Read More

  • Publisher Case Study: Creating Effective Native ads for a Multi-Format ad zone

    Effective Native ads

    In order to maximize your revenues from Native ads displayed within a Multi-Format ad zone, it is important that the ads displayed appear like the content on your site, or at least look good when displayed against your site’s content. This not only improves user experience but can generate more clicks which increases the value of your Native ad zone leading to higher CPMs and bigger revenues.  Many Publishers are... Read More

  • 10 Native ad zone custom CSS ideas for Publishers

    Native Custom CSS

    Improving how your Native ad zones are displayed can help the ads blend more into the style of your website. This creates a better user experience and can increase eCPMs, check out our Case Study: How 3 publishers increased Native ad zone CPMs. It's easy to use custom CSS code to improve the impact of how your Native ad zones are displayed and this blog post contains 10 ideas with... Read More

  • Publisher Benefits of In-Page Push Notifications

    Publisher benefits In-Page Push Notifications

    What is an In-Page Push Notifications ad?  In-Page Push Notifications, sometimes called Native Push, it is a type of display ad that is designed to look like a Push Notification, however unlike traditional Push Notifications, In-Page Push Notifications ads are not displayed within a website’s browser, but directly on the publisher’s site, just like banner ads.  Let’s compare the differences between Traditional Push Notifications and In-Page Push Notifications: Publisher benefits ... Read More