• New feature: Multi-Format Ad Statistics for Publishers

    Multi-Format Ad statistics

    Publishers can now  track the performance of their Multi-Format Ad Zones, as well as the individual Banner and Native zones that are used in them with our Multi-Format Ad Statistics. Data can be viewed in both the Statistics tab and the Dashboard: In the Statistics tab data is displayed for Multi-Format Ad Zones in two reports in the Sites & Zones tab: Ad Zones and Multi-Format Zone Details (New) In... Read More

  • New feature: Targeting or blocking zones across whole sites

    Targeting or blocking ad zones

    We have added a new feature in Step 5 that allows advertisers to block or target zones across a whole site with just a couple of clicks, to improve workflow. Here's how it works: To target or block zones and sites in the list, first use the Target Mode drop-down to select whether to Target or Block zones and sites. Once you select a Target Mode other than All, a... Read More

  • Case Study: ROI 10.48% for Mobile Dating offer using Native in UK

    Mobile Dating Native Case Study

    Robin Jaussaud from ExoClick’s Performance advertising team shares this case study for a mobile dating offer using the Native ad format targeting the UK. The UK is a tier 1 country and is a highly competitive market. Robin takes you through the process of testing, using automation tools, campaign optimisation and the final campaign results. Campaign period: 13 May 2021 - 4 June 2021 (23 days) Offer: Casual dating Ad... Read More

  • 6 Reasons you should test TrafficMansion’s Members Area Native ad zones

    6 Reasons you should test TrafficMansion’s Native ad zones

    TrafficMansion’s network of dating sites allow Native advertising within the profile sections of their dating sites. The Native ads allow two verticals: LiveCam and VoD offers. Our Business Intelligence department looked at Native CTRs for TrafficMansion sites compared to Free Content sites: As you can see TrafficMansion’s traffic achieves a much higher CTR compared to Free Content sites. This is because there are many positive benefits to targeting TrafficMansion’s members... Read More

  • Case study: 36% ROI for Dating offer with In-stream video

    In-Stream Video case study

    Campaign period: 1 October 2020 - 28 Feb 2021 Offer: Dating Ad Network: ExoClick Ad formats: In-stream video, Native, Banners GEOs: UK, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway Investment: 116,100 USD Total income: 157,896 USD Net profit: 41,796 USD ROI: 36% Introduction An ExoClick advertiser wanted to convert affiliate dating offers. He had never used In-stream Video advertising before and was advised by his account manager that... Read More

  • Publishers! How does Outstream compare to Banner eCPMs & CTRs?

    Outstream video

    The Outstream video ad format should be considered as a display ad and using the Outstream video ad format can not only bring you extra revenues, but is great for user experience. In this blog post we bring you our network’s Business Intelligence data as well as some tips for using both Outstream and Banner ad zones on your desktop and mobile sites. Outstream versus Banners Our Business Intelligence department... Read More

  • Advertisers: Is Outstream more cost effective than Banners?

    Advertiser Outstream CTRs

    Advertisers are still reliant on Banner ads for their offers. They are available in several sizes and are ubiquitous on any publisher site. But what if I told you there is an even more effective display ad format that has a significantly higher CTR than banners, but is also much more cost effective than Banners. The format is Outstream, which is a display ad format that uses a video ad... Read More

  • Euro & Copa América: Sports Betting CTRs and tips

    Sports betting CTRs

    Football tournaments have kicked off, after 18 months of the pandemic, two of the worlds biggest will create a month of football frenzy, UEFA Euro 11 June – 11 July and Copa América 13 June - 10 July, making it the perfect time to promote your Sports Betting offers. This blog post is packed with tips to help you convert your campaigns score big! Sports Betting CTRs Our Business Intelligence... Read More

  • Publisher Case Study: Increased revenues using our Multi-Format Ads

    Using Multi-Format ads can significantly increase your ad placement revenues, impressions and ad spot bidding values. We carried out A/B testing with a well known publisher on our network. The publisher carried out 4 separate tests on 4 different ad placements: Desktop NTV 300x250 banner Desktop Footer 900x250 banner Mobile NTV 300x250 banner Mobile Footer 300x250 banner Variant A traffic was sent to the websites original banner ad zones above ... Read More

  • Multi-Format Ads Guide for Publishers

    Let's talk about Multi-Format Ads! Reaching online audiences on different devices means advertisers can no longer adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to running campaigns. They need to be able to use different ad formats targeting different website positions to grab an end user's attention at just the right moment.  Equally, Publishers need to provide inventory that is flexible enough to support different ad formats within... Read More