PR: Time to Secure Your Websites Together With ExoClick Ad Network

Online privacy is a major concern for users around the world; and it is now in everyone’s mind, since Edward Snowden revealed how deep the NSA goes into recording and spying our activity online.


Today, ExoClick, the innovative ad network, has announced the release of an important platform upgrade to allow advertising to be served in full HTTPS.

Users are looking to secure their browsing experience and want to navigate in an encrypted environment. A lot of websites have started enabling HTTPS but most ads are still being served in HTTP, generating broken SSL certificates or even blocking the ads completely in certain cases. This is generating a bad user experience but also impacting negatively the ad revenues of publishers.

ExoClick is very happy to offer this new service to its publishers. “Our clients have been asking for this feature for a few months now and we completely understand the need to switch from HTTP to HTTPS, so it’s an option we had to offer. We are very happy to be able to offer it with the exact same performance as the standard HTTP ad delivery,” said Benjamin Fonzé, CEO of ExoClick. “I strongly suggest publishers to start looking into HTTPS if they haven’t done it yet. And to use ad solutions that support it to offer a fully secured browsing experience to their users,” he continued.

Publishers can now login to ExoClick’s Admin Panel to fetch their new HTTPS tags and integrate them the same way than the previous ones.

Giles Hirst