• Mobile Fullpage Interstitial

    Large format Interstitial that fills the full screen of the device, served during user navigation of a website. It is fully responsive and Google compliant featuring a ‘Close ad’ option at the top right of the ad.

    Mobile Fullpage Interstitial

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications are sent to opted in users of a publisher's website. Users receive it on their desktop, tablet and mobile devices even when they are not browsing the internet. 100% high quality traffic and high CTR because users have opted in. Available on CPC or CPM.

    Push Notifications

  • In-Stream Video

    Works with all major video players and automatically plays when a consumer clicks on a website's video content. Customizable with clickable calls to action. CPC & CPV based, this format has a very high conversion rate.

    In-Stream Video

  • Video Slider

    The Video Slider is similar to the Instant Message format but displays a video instead of just an image. Once a websites page has loaded the end user will see the ad slide in from right at the bottom of the page. Available on CPC, CPV and CPM.

    Video Slider

  • Video Banners

    Available for all banner sizes 120×600, 160×600, 250×250, 300x50, 300x100, 300×250, 315×300, 468×60, 728×90. Optimised playback for a fast, glitch free user experience. Supported format is MP4, maximum weight 1.5Mb.

    Video Banners

  • In-Video Banner

    Display 300×250, 468×60 and 728x90 ads inside your video player! Customize and show your ads with fancy effects on few events (pre/post/pause-roll & in-stream). High conversion rate. Available options: Pre-roll / Custom/ Post-roll / On Pause

    In-Video Banner

  • Popunders

    A popunder, triggered when a user clicks anywhere on the page, appears hidden behind the main browser window where it remains unnoticed until the main browser window is closed or minimized, leaving the user’s attention free for the advertisement.


  • Mobile 300x250 Interstitial

    Overlays the page with a 300x250 banner with a smooth transition from the side of the page. Gentle on user experience and can be skipped by users at any time.

    Mobile 300x250 Interstitial

  • Native Interstitial

    Overlays the page with contextually relevant ads. A smooth transition from the side of the page is gentle on user experience and the unit can easily be dismissed. Frequency capping controls how often users will see the widget.

    Native Interstitial

  • Native Exit

    Triggers when the user moves the mouse outside the page as though the user is going to exit the site. Can be easily closed by the user.

    Native Exit

  • Native Recommendation

    Our native advertising offers a fully customizable widget that features images and a short text: title and description. ExoClick's native ads are fully responsive across all devices: desktop, mobile and tablet.

    Native Recommendation

  • Display Banner

    Classic display banners in many sizes: 300×250, 468×60, 728×90, 250×250, 120×600, 160×600, 315×300, 900×250 (footer)

    Display Banner

  • Sticky Banner

    A display banner that can be made to ‘stick’ in a specific position on a desktop screen, 9 positions are available. The sticky banner comes in various sizes.

    Sticky Banner

  • Large Footer

    Large footer banner 900x250 used as an alternative to the standard three 300x250 banners.

    Large Footer

  • Instant Message

    Typically a copy of the instant messenger chat box. This ad format appears to users by displaying a 250×150 ad at the bottom right of the page. Very efficient for dating and livecam products.

    Instant Message

  • Direct Links

    The direct link is a specific format dedicated to advertisers looking for a high volume of cheap traffic to boost a websites traffic. CPC based, this format is usually used by publishers as a blind link.

    Direct Links