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  • Meet the HR team: What is it like to work in Ad Tech?

    What is it like to work in Ad Tech?

    Human resources (HR) is a very important department in every industry. In part one we met some of our wonderful HR team members and learned about how ExoClick’s HR Department takes care of our amazing team, supporting new joiners, and throughout their career within the company. ExoClick is a multicultural environment with team members from across the globe meaning that the HR Department is crucial to promoting a positive and... Read More

  • How to make the most out of Asynchronous ads

    asynchronous ad code  asynchronous ad tags asynchronous ads synchronous vs asynchronous ads load ads asynchronously to improve website speed Serve multiple zones with a single request ad zones loading with website content  speed up ad loading time improve Google rankings with async Attract contextual Advertisers

    Using ExoClick’s updated version of Async tags brings a series of performance benefits to your site and its ad zones. From allowing your content to load asynchronously, therefore quicker, and improving your Google rankings, all the way to enabling excellent ExoClick features such as Ad refresh and Responsive Display Ads. In this article we tell you what are the 7 main reasons why you should use Asynchronous ads and how... Read More

  • How to promote Sports Betting Offers with Video ads

    How to promote Sports Betting Offers with Video ads

    This summer is an important sports season with the UEFA Euros 2024 beginning on the 14th of June, and concluding on July 14. The Olympics, another quadrennial event, will be held in Paris from Friday, July 26, to Sunday, August 11. It is expected that 1 billion people will watch the Olympics and five billion people will attend the Euros, creating huge potential for your online Sports Betting offers. In... Read More

  • A day in the life in Data Analytics and Data Science

    How does Data analytics benefit a business?

    In this article, we will explore a day in the life of a Data Analyst with Bella Lanczki and a day in the life of a Data Scientist with Miguel Silva. We will learn, what is the difference between Data Analytics and Data Science, how Data Scientists spend their time at work, What are the daily tasks of a Data Analytics professional, and explore Data Science and Data Analytics career... Read More

  • ExoClick supports Safer Internet Day

    ExoClick supports Safer Internet Day

    ExoClick is an Ad Network that works hard to promote transparency and safety on the internet. One of the ways in which this is done is ExoClick supports “Safer Internet Day". Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday, the 6th February 2024 this year. The aim is to raise awareness about the current issues affecting internet users, especially young people. ExoClick is an Ad Network promoting ad compliance and end user... Read More

  • ExoClick contributes to Adigital’s Report: 2024 Digital Trends for SME Growth

    Adigital, the leading business association representing the Digital Economy in Spain has released a report entitled: ‘2024 Digital Trends for SME Growth.’ The report is a collaboration with members of the Adigital ecosystem of Associates, which explores the paths that will be decisive in promoting the digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies in 2024.  The report analyzes the key elements needed to enhance the digital strategy of SEMs, facilitating... Read More

  • ExoClick Webinar: Everything you need to know about Conversion Tracking 

    Everything you need to know about Conversion Tracking Register to ExoClick Webinar Conversion Tracking with ExoClick’s platform

    Don’t miss our webinar “Everything you need to know about Conversion Tracking”. Learn how to use ExoClick’s Conversion Tracking feature or use third-party Conversion Tracking software with ExoClick’s platform. Register to the ExoClick Webinar now! You will find out how to monitor your conversions and make informed adjustments to optimize your campaigns in order to reach your advertising goals. Some of the great benefits of using Conversion Tracking include: Track... Read More

  • ExoClick is now a member of WeProtect Global Alliance

    ExoClick is now a member of WeProtect Global Alliance

    ExoClick is now a member of WeProtect Global Alliance, an Alliance of over 200 members committed to ending child sexual exploitation and abuse online. We believe that every child deserves to grow up in a safe digital environment, free from harm and exploitation. WeProtect Global Alliance brings together governments, civil society, and the technology industry to tackle the growing threat of child sexual abuse online. By working together, the Alliance... Read More

  • ExoClick becomes a member of Adigital

    ExoClick joins Adigital

    ExoClick, is now a member of Adigital. Adigital is the leading business association representing the Digital Economy in Spain. ExoClick is a Spanish company based in Barcelona and the company’s membership to Adigital will allow ExoClick to continue to strengthen its commitment to business innovation within the digital ecosystem. Adigital represents over 525 innovative and transformative companies that believe in and work for the development of the economy based on... Read More

  • ExoClick launches high performing Multi-Format Ads

    13 May 2021, Barcelona, Spain. ExoClick has launched a new ad placement concept called Multi-Format Ads. The ad placement serves multiple ad formats: banners or native in just one placement, pitching different banner sizes and native ad widgets against each other and serving the highest paying ad in the Multi-Format ad zone. This ability to serve multiple formats can increase the number of eligible bids for a publisher's impressions while... Read More

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