Month: December 2015

  • 12 ways ExoClick innovated in 2015

    Here at ExoClick we always listen to client feedback and we develop tools and platform tweaks to meet their needs, so we introduced several great platform innovations in 2015, travelled around the world attending the industry's best shows, raised money for some worthwhile charities and we celebrated our 9th birthday on the 1 December! Always on target We really beefed up our targeting features. Our flexible frequency capping (x impressions... Read More

  • The digital economy is getting APIer every day

    Benjamin Fonzé the founder and CEO of ExoClick, explains the automative and revenue benefits of API integration within the digital economy. What is an API? In the data filled age that we live in today more and more digital businesses are opening up their platforms with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) so that clients and third party developers can create new software based products and applications based around those platforms. Essentially... Read More