ExoClick SaaS Technology empowers publishers to manage their own RTB business

10 September 2019, Barcelona. ExoClick, the innovative ad company, today announced it has launched ExoClick SaaS Technology, a new service that enables publishers to set up their own powerful RTB platform. 

SaaS or Software as a Service allows businesses to use a developed software technology platform. This enables those businesses to scale up their operations without having to invest in development, servers/hardware and reduces the need for extra IT support.

The aim of ExoClick SaaS Technology is to allow publishers to benefit from using ExoClick’s industry leading technology in order to manage all their inventory from a single place. Publishers can manage their own direct deals, easily integrate their own preferred networks, DSPs and SSPs programmatically, in addition to being able to access ExoClick’s unique demand. ExoClick SaaS is completely transparent providing detailed real-time reporting for all integrated bidder partners covering all auction events, RTB queries, timeouts, wins, errors, etc. Additionally the publisher will be able to manage their RTB business relationships and payments individually from their bidding partners.

ExoClick’s founder and CEO Benjamin Fonzé commented, “We wanted to offer publishers the opportunity to run and fully manage their own RTB platform independently of ExoClick’s ad network. By offering our server side header bidding technology as Software as a Service we are giving publishers the freedom to develop and grow their own partnerships, control their traffic inventory and build up their individual programmatic connections to drive forward their RTB business.”

Evangelos Zirdelis, ExoClick’s Sales and Ad Operations Director added, “Our SaaS Technology platform is low latency thanks to multi-datacenter deployment allowing publishers to offer a great user experience where all bidders compete equally with a single call. To have all of this technology at a publisher’s fingertips is super easy to implement with no development required, so publishers can get their RTB platform up and running in no time.”

Fonzé continued, “There are no set up costs involved or any hidden fees. Publishers are billed based on the number of RTB enquiries and impressions served, ExoClick does not charge any CPM commision on connected demand partners or direct deal campaigns.”

ExoClick has redesigned its corporate website which now includes a dedicated page for its new SaaS Technology platform. For further details visit https://www.exoclick.com/publishers/saas-technology/

Giles Hirst