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Smart Bid Webinar

ExoClick’s Smart Bid feature can revolutionize the way you manage your campaigns. It uses Machine Learning to automatically optimize your campaign using historical data. Some of the great benefits of using Smart Bid include:

  • Get a guaranteed profitable campaign
  • Automates campaign management and bidding to reach your target objective.
  • 2 bidding strategies available: Target ROAS or Target CPA.
  • Set up a new campaign or switch an existing campaign to Smart Bid.
  • Ability to manually block ad zones and tweak the campaign.
  • Allows you to focus on the product and marketing creatives.

To explain how Smart Bid works and to help you get the maximum potential out of Smart Bid for your campaigns, we are holding a webinar: 

Everything you need to know about Smart Bid

Date: 15 June 2023

Time: 2PM Central European Time

Duration: 45 minutes

Register now as places are limited, so you can discover the power that Smart Bid can bring to help you reach your campaign goals and KPIs, how automation can scale up your campaigns and most importantly how Smart Bid will make your campaigns profitable!

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Giles Hirst