7 ways ExoClick helped boost your ROI in 2019

Here at ExoClick our main goal has always been to invest in technology and create business partnerships that expand opportunities for Advertisers to increase their ROI and for Publishers to effectively monetize all of their traffic. In 2019 we have worked to continue to achieve this goal, so here are some key highlights of what ExoClick did this year.

1. A new impressions record!

We kicked off 2019 by increasing the daily impressions we serve to 7 billion, which was a considerable achievement, when you consider the industry wide market changes that occurred in 2018 including Google Chrome’s new compliance rules, the growing number of adblock software installs and GDPR. The volumes we offer are the largest in the industry.

2. Our new admin panel

In March we released the beta version of our new brand new admin panel and in October it became the default version. Clients got a new dashboard with high level data, quick view trend charts and tables, a more intuitive UX with view switching and new toggle options, advanced multi-filtering for campaigns, statistics and ad zones, bulk campaign and landing page editing for a faster workflow and it is fully responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Get a quick overview of the Advertiser and Publisher admin panels

3. A new automation tool

Automation is the future and for Advertisers we added another tool to our suite of automation tools: Automatic Variations Optimisation, which allows automated control over the traffic sent to a campaign’s different creative variations with three different algorithms to choose from, used in conjunction with our Bidder tool and Landing Page Traffic Optimisation tool, Advertisers can reduce their costs and campaign testing times in order to find the right balance/sweet spot.

4. Publishers can now run their own programmatic ad platform

Investing in and providing the tech needed for our clients to buy and sell programmatically resulted in us launching ExoClick’s SaaS Technology in September. The SaaS platform allows Publishers to run their own powerful programmatic ad platform, so they don’t have to build their own technology, in addition we have increased our in house programmatic team taking care of our Advertiser clients and we are currently processing 5 million RTB queries per minute.

5. New in line popunder code 

Ad blocking is still prevalent and we developed our popunder in line code so that popunders are still show to users who have ad block software installed. Publishers who have used this code have seen increases in impressions and revenues, just check out these case studies.

6. More exclusive members area traffic

We continue to grow our members area and email business by signing more exclusive publisher deals, giving our Advertisers access to high quality dating traffic sources.

7. More creative Native ads

In August we introduced dynamic keyword insertion tokens to dynamically change texts within Native ad campaign creatives. This is a really useful feature, particularly for GEO targeting and can really help increase conversions. It’s all down to dynamic keyword insertion tokens, which automatically replace specific texts with keywords relevant to the end user. Check out the video below:

Here is a full tutorial.


Stay tuned for 2020 where we will have lots of exciting new platform features, exclusive traffic sources and more!

Giles Hirst