The ExoClick Bidder will revolutionise automation of campaign optimisation

Barcelona 17 July 2018. ExoClick, the innovative ad company, today announced that it has launched the ExoClick Bidder, a brand new automation tool for advertisers and affiliates on the company’s world leading platform. The ExoClick Bidder allows advertisers/affiliates to automate the optimization of their campaigns by adjusting their bids by ad zone and blocking non-converting ad zones.

The ExoClick Bidder works like a smart assistant with two functions:

  1. Automatic Bidding – allows advertisers to automatically adjust (up/down) their CPM/CPC bids according to their target CPAs. The Bidder will also automatically blacklist ad zones that haven’t converted when their maximum test budget is reached.
  2. Rules – allows even further campaign optimisation by letting advertisers and affiliates create their own rules to block ad zones based on the rules they set for CTR, Clicks, Conversions or ROI. Clients can add as many rules as they like to fine tune the algorithm.

Benjamin Fonzé, ExoClick’s founder and CEO commented, “In today’s world of digital advertising automation is driving technology forward, which means advertisers and affiliates need the right tools to ensure they reach their KPIs.”

Fonzé continued, “The ExoClick Bidder is designed to automate key features that advertisers and affiliates can tailor by setting their own rules in order to block underperforming ad zones related to their specific campaigns. Once the rules are set, the Bidder works, just like a smart assistant. Imagine running 30 campaigns simultaneously and the time spent optimising those campaigns can now be performed by the Bidder working like 30 smart assistants. Not only does this allow clients to scale up their campaigns, but also free up valuable time that can be invested in improving creatives, planning strategies and business development. The ExoClick Bidder will revolutionise the way advertisers and affiliates automate the optimisation of their campaigns.”

ExoClick has produced a promotional video showcasing the ExoClick Bidder which you can watch here

For a platform tutorial and tips on how to use the ExoClick Bidder click here.

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