Publishers! New ad format: 900×250 footer banner

Many publishers find that desktop footer banners have a lower CTR than banners that appear above the fold. Usually this is because they have 3 smaller 300×250 banners in the footer position. ExoClick has created a large format 900×250 footer banner that can replace the 3 smaller banners.

Because of its large format the new 900×250 banner is much more eye catching to users, which leads to a higher CTR allowing publishers to generate substantially more revenues.

Why not carry out some A/B testing comparing 3 x small banners with 1 x large format banner?

Here is our recommendation: Create a 900×250 zone with a soft CPM floor. Then create three 300×250 tags so that you can switch back to the traditional three 300×250 banners for your footer when the eCPM price for the 900×250 banner decreases. This way you can take advantage of demand for the large footer banner.

Please visit this FAQ to find out how to set up the tags to enable switching 900×250 banner

Speak to your account manager or email for more information.

Giles Hirst