PR: ExoClick Offers HTTPS Ad Tags To Help With Google’s New Security Ranking Strategy

Barcelona, Spain August 11, 2014: ExoClick, the world’s #1 ad network for the entertainment market has welcomed Google’s news regarding the implementation of using the more secure HTTPS as a ranking signal.

ExoClick has been encouraging the use of HTTPS since early 2014 and in March the company introduced an important platform upgrade to allow advertising to be served in full HTTPS by generating HTTPS ad tags. The upgrade was introduced because even though many websites have started enabling HTTPS, most ads are still being served in HTTP which can generate broken SSL certificates or in some cases even block the ads, creating a bad user experience which can impact negatively on a Publishers ad revenues.

The platform upgrade offers the exact same performance as the standard HTTP ad delivery and Publishers can login to ExoClick’s Admin Panel to fetch their new HTTPS tags and integrate them in exactly the same way but with the added benefit of a fully secured user browsing experience.

Benjamin Fonzé, founder and CEO of ExoClick commented, “We are committed to helping our clients maintain their online security which is why we introduced HTTPS website encription earlier this year. Publishers should really start looking into HTTPS to increase their ad revenues, keeping their sites secure and also influencing their Google ranking for now and the future.”

ExoClick has created a post on the company’s blog ‘How to create a secure environment using HTTPS’ for webmasters who wish to know more about Google’s criteria for HTTPS.  Click here for more info.


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