PR: ExoClick Announces ExoClick Mobile and new Campaign Creation Tool

Barcelona, Spain – ExoClick, the innovative ad network announced two new advances, the new campaign creation tool and launch of ExoClick Mobile!

ExoClick Mobile will be the mobile entity of ExoClick ad network. It will function based on the same principles and will be offering a mobile platform that better monetizes traffic whatever its origin or format of the ad spot. ExoClick Mobile will utilize the same powerful technology and user interface as its parent but directly targeted for mobile traffic. It will offer both device and carrier detection, along with specific ad sizes that are more suitable to mobile devices. As usual, advertisers will be able to target by category and geo-location as well. Current ExoClick clients will be able to use their login to access the mobile features as the platform is common for both web and mobile channels.

“Mobile traffic is growing steadily and shows no sign that trend will change anytime in the near future; we wanted to offer our clients a comprehensive solution to best monetize that trend,” said the company.

In addition to the mobile solution, the new Campaign Creation Tool allows advertisers to create a campaign in as little as 5 easy, user-friendly steps. This tool has the ability to contextually target traffic based on categories, devices, and geo-location of the traffic. It will give you a sound estimate of the traffic you can expect based on your campaign’s criteria. This tool will allow you to clearly browse the premium selection of ad spots and select multiple sites in the same campaign. Included in this new tool are a number of helpful tooltips to help advertisers get the most from their campaign budget in an easy to use self serve interface.

“We are excited for the new tools and platform that our developers have been working on over the past few months and have many other features in the works,” the company said. “These are designed with the intention of making our platform very user friendly and productive for our clients.”

Exoclick was founded in December 2006, and it has grown into one of the largest ad networks in the world, serving more than 1.7 billion geo-targeted ad views a day worldwide using its proprietary ad serving technology and continues to innovate to adapt to an ever changing traffic market. For more information, visit or

Giles Hirst