New regional targeting features

ExoClick has added some more in depth targeting, which now allows you to not just target countries, but also regions inside those countries, so you can directly target New York for example. This is a highly useful feature for advertisers for localised campaigns, such as dating or regional special offers/discounts, etc

How to target by region
In the admin panel under New Campaign > Targeting & Advanced, when creating/editing a campaign, each country now has a + button, when clicked it opens up all the available regions in that country. So now you have options to include or exclude any of the country’s regions to target.

Statistics by region
For this reason, when checking publisher or advertiser statistics, we now give you the possibility to look at data by region. To do so, click on Statistics and go to the Locations tab, here you can select Countries or Regions. Regions will give you a full list of regional statistics.

Giles Hirst