Mobile: 6 reasons why you should be advertising on mobile…

A feature in the UK’s Guardian newspaper recently predicted that UK mobile advertising will overtake the multi-billion pound newspaper and magazine market next year, and surpass TV ad spend by hitting £4.5bn in 2016. Smartphone adoption is growing each day, tablet sales are about to outstrip PC sales, devices are becoming even more powerful and the introduction of 4G for faster mobile internet connections means that the whole world is going mobile.

Hmmm, so something is definitely cooking on mobile, all that tech investment, new device launches and if all those ad exectives are ploughing their advertising budgets into mobile, the mobile revolution cannot be ignored.  So here at ExoClick, we’ve come up with 6 reasons why YOU should be advertising on mobile:-

1. Market penetration

Latest figures suggest that in 2014 around one-quarter of the world’s total population own smartphones and by 2017, more than one-third of all people around the globe will be smartphone users. The majority of the Western markets are set to reach majority-smartphone penetration among their populations this year. The US remains the second-largest smartphone market worldwide, behind China, totaling 163.9 million users in 2014. eMarketer estimates that the US will retain that status until 2016, when India will take over the second spot.

2. Conversion rates are growing

Marin Software found that consumers are more likely to engage with search ads on mobile devices than desktops. In 2013, the average U.S. click-through rate (CTR) of smartphones and tablets were respectively 64% and 18% higher than the average desktop CTR. But remember mobile ads must click-through to a mobile-friendly site or landing page in order to have a chance of converting.

3. Tried and tested mobile ad formats

Here at ExoClick we know how important mobile advertising is on our ad network which is why we offer the global reach of our mobile publishers and also our mobile ad formats. The current ad formats that we offer are:-

  • Classic display banners – in sizes optimized for mobile 300×50, 300×100 & 300×250
  • Instant messages – Typically a copy of the instant messenger chat box. This ad format appears to users by displaying an ad at the bottom right of the mobile page. Very efficient for dating and livecam products
  • Popunders – A popunder appears hidden behind the main browser window. Once displayed, the popunder remains unnoticed until the main browser window is closed, leaving the user’s attention free for the ad
  • Mobile redirects – The user is redirected to the ad page instead of your website

4. Carrier options

PC-based internet ads have one way to reach users: through the internet on a PC, but mobile offers the extra option of targeting consumers via their mobile carriers. Use an ad network that allows you to select geo targeting as to which country and which mobile carrier you want to target, we currently have 24 countries in our publisher portfolio. In our admin panel select the Advance Targeting tab to see our current global list.

5. Device targeting

Do you have a product that you feel would be better targeted at more affluent Apple device users? For this you will need to target your campaign via specific mobile and tablet devices as well as mobile operating systems. Remember to ensure your campaigns are optimized for different screen resolutions when you are targeting devices, properly proportioned advertisements will yield higher conversations, significantly improving ROI.

6. Impulse buys

Mobile device users are more likely to make a purchase than a PC user. This is down to the ease of making a payment on a mobile device. No need for getting out those credit card details, one click payments via services such as Paypal or carrier billing make it easy for the consumer to not only retain their billing privacy, but it also removes the psycological block where they might have second thoughts about making the purchase while they have to get up off the sofa and look for their credit card. So ensure you have ‘easy billing’ in place to take advantage of the impulse buy opportunity.

Mobile big data is another key aspect to consider, but we will be featuring an in-depth big data feature in a blog post in a few weeks time. In the meantime, explore ExoClick’s mobile advertising options in the admin panel to see how you can master this channel that day by day is taking over the world.

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Giles Hirst