If you are a publisher you know that as a general rule in SEO it takes a new website 3 to 6 months before it really gains traction in organic searches. In a drive to grow website traffic, new and established publishers are using paid for traffic sources in order to supplement their organic traffic. In this way a publisher is also becoming an advertiser. So how does it work and how do you know where your paid traffic sources are coming from?

Using Sub IDs
If you are acquiring traffic from different sources, you need to track them to see which sites are bringing you the most visitors and calculate your RoI. ExoClick allows you to do that by adding unique Sub IDs to the url of each ad you place. It is a very simple process and we offer two code options: Iframe code and JavaScript tags. Visit our FAQ Using Sub IDs for the code you need and implementation instructions. As your campaigns run, the results will be displayed in your Admin Panel stats under the tab Sub IDs.

By using Sub IDs you will know which sources are bringing you the best ROI, so you can target the best converting websites and ad spots for future campaigns.

Giles Hirst