ExoClick updates The Ultimate Guide to Dating for 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Dating 2022

Converting Dating offers with ExoClick’s traffic can lead to a great ROI for advertisers. To help our clients maximize their revenues, we have updated our Ultimate Guide to Dating with the latest network statistics. We have also highlighted some new ad formats that give advertisers even more opportunities to convert their Dating offers.

In the downloadable PDF you will find:

  • Detailed Business Intelligence statistics about our traffic sources including volumes and device split
  • Our large range of ad formats including the new In-Page Push Notifications and additional  Members Area zones: In Box Native and In Profile Native ad zones.
  • Advice on how to maximize each ad format: Display, Native, Push Notifications and Video and we have included the latest Global CTRs for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet
  • Expert tips from our account managers on how to increase conversions
  • A case study showing how to optimize your Dating campaign
  • A case study showing how one Dating offer advertiser used Video, Native and Banners to earn an ROI of 36% making $41,796 in profit

Now is a great time to give an extra push to your Dating offers because today is Valentine’s Day. We examined Global CTR data for the Dating vertical for this event and the second global Dating event Singles Day on the 11th November. Comparing 2021 data for the week before each event and the week after:

  • Valentine’s Day showed a +4.07% increase in clicks on ads promoting Dating offers from 14th-20th February 2021
  • Singles Day showed a +7.33% increase from 11th November to 17th of November. 

Clearly singles are looking for romance straight after both of these dating events. Now is your opportunity to generate more conversions and we hope that the updated Ultimate Guide to Dating can help you achieve your conversion goals.

Download The Ultimate Guide to Dating 2022.

Giles Hirst