ExoClick launches Push Notification ad format for desktop and mobile

Barcelona, 17 October 2018. ExoClick, the innovative ad company, today announced that it has launched a brand new ad format: Push Notifications for desktop and mobile.

Push Notifications are essentially a form of native advertising that can then be targeted to a publisher’s site users. Once a publisher sets up Push Notifications in ExoClick’s admin panel, users that visit the website are offered an option to receive push notifications from the publisher. Users that opt in and agree to receive Push Notifications then become subscribers and will start to receive offers from advertisers.

Push Notifications consist of a JPG, PNG or GIF (192×192 pixels) and an ad message that contains a title (up to 30 characters) and description (up to 40 characters). The ad is delivered to the user in the form of a notification on the users desktop, tablet or mobile device, It is delivered even when the user is not browsing the internet. When the user clicks on the notification he is directed to the advertiser’s landing page.

Please note: Push Notifications work on the following browsers/devices:

  • Desktop: PC / OS X : Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  • Mobile devices : Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Samsung Internet
  • Safari (OS X, iOS) does not allow web push notifications
  • Push Notifications won’t work on HTTP sites, only with HTTPS sites.

Benefits for publishers

  • Further monetisation of a website’s users
  • Limited amount of Push Notification messages sent per day, frequency capping of the same offers sent
  • Messages can be easily dismissed and there is also an option for end users to unsubscribe at any given moment
  • Publishers have the option to use either their own domain or ExoClick’s domain to collect opt in subscribers to send push notifications to

Benefits for advertisers

  • Message appears within the screen of the end user’s device ensuring maximum viewability and a very high CTR
  • Messages are delivered to the end user even when he is not browsing the website on his device
  • Advertisers can use ExoClick’s full range of targeting options to fine tune user reach

The Push Notification format is available on the CPM and CPC pricing model.

ExoClick’s CEO and founder Benjamin Fonzé commented, “We have invested a great deal of time in creating this ad format so that it can be implemented properly to ensure that the end user gets value out of the message. Users that stay opted in are obviously high quality traffic sources that are interested in receiving offers. Push Notifications are enhanced by our platform’s powerful targeting features and publishers and advertisers have access to real time statistics to analyse the format’s performance.”


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