• Why ROI is the most important KPI for campaign success

    How can KPIs help you optimise your campaign

    Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs for online advertising, are measurable values that help assess the progress or success of a campaign by evaluating specific objectives or goals. KPIs are used to track performance and provide a quantifiable measurement of critical factors that are essential for the success of a campaign. KPIs are important because they provide actionable insights, facilitate performance monitoring, and help align efforts toward desired outcomes. By setting and... Read More

  • Smart Bid! The new automated bidding feature for advertisers

    Smart Bid from ExoClick

    Table of contents What is Smart Bid and how does Smart Bid work? Bidding strategy 1: Target CPA (Cost per Acquisition) Bidding strategy 2: Target ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) Smart Bid Benefits, Tips and Best Practices Benefits Tips and Best Practices Smart Bid FAQs What initial CPM should I fill in? What if my campaign fails to meet my goal? Can I target one single zone? What is the... Read More

  • How to maximize ROI with ExoClick’s Bidder and Conversion Tracking

    Conversion Tracking

    Advertisers! Have you tested out ExoClick’s improved Conversion Tracking feature? With this tool, you can create Goals to track the performance of your campaigns, follow your campaigns’ progress, and gain useful insights on your audience's behavior. It is interesting to highlight the usefulness of the Bidder in this case study because you cannot use the Bidder without implementing a Conversion Goal. So by using the Bidder you can automate manual... Read More

  • ExoClick’s Guide to The Bidder

    ExoClick's Guide to The Bidder

    Automatic Bidding Optimization - ExoClick's Guide to The Bidder Setting up your bidding for a test or full campaign is one of the most important steps of your campaign. Getting the right bid price has the following advantages: It will determine how much you pay for the traffic, therefore affecting your ROI How competitive your bids are will determine if you win the ad zone If you set a bid... Read More

  • Automation is here, don’t get left behind!

    In the age of data driven decision making, automation is becoming more and more important in the ad tech world. Why spend your valuable time reading and analyzing tons of data to make advertising decisions? Instead, advertisers are using automation tools to increase engagement, ROI and profits without the need for endless hours of building and managing online campaigns. ExoClick provides a range of automation tools, it’s like having a... Read More