Advertisers! 6 Reasons you should be using Outstream video

Advertisers! 6 Reasons you should be using Outstream video

Outstream is one of the 3 video ad formats ExoClick offers. If you haven’t tried the format yet to convert your offers, here are 6 reasons you should try using Outstream video!

#1 How the format is viewed by the end user: Think of Outstream video as a display ad that happens to be a video. The Outstream Video ad is shown to an end user during their user journey, as the user scrolls down the page the ad zone pushes the website’s content down and the Outstream ad starts being visible to the user. This really captures the user’s attention giving your video ad a much higher view ratio.

#2 Its great value: Outstream video tends to be less expensive then In-Stream and comes with a choice of bidding options: CPM where you only pay for viewable impressions when the video ad starts playing on the user’s screen, CPC where you pay per user click and CPV where you only pay for video views of 10 seconds and over. 

#3 High CTRs: The click rate is higher for Outstream video compared to standard display ads, our Business Intelligence team looked at global CTRs for the following verticals:

Outstream video CTRs

#4 It’s a powerful tool for engagement: Video ad formats have the highest CTR because they have the potential to really entertain an end user, much more than a static display image. With video content you can tell a story about your offer to really engage end users, which will make them want to know more by clicking on your video ad.

#5 Great for contextual advertising: Use keyword targeting to reach users who are interested in a particular niche that is related to your offer. Ensure that your video ad’s content relates to the keyword you are targeting because that will bring value to the end user and will generate more clicks for your offer.

#6 Get free video ads to promote your offer: That’s right! Use ExoClick’s video ad making service. We will create a video ad for you free of charge to use on ExoClick’s ad network. The video can be for Dating, VoD, Paysites, Nutra, Gaming or Casino/Gambling. You can have 5 texts including your CTA in the video and you can have a maximum of 3 different languages. Contact your account manager or a Customer Success Specialist.

So what are you waiting for? Test out Outstream video ad zones now on both Premium and RON sites. 

TIP! Create separate campaigns for both traffic sources and separate mobile and desktop campaigns.

TIP! Make sure when setting up your campaign you only select Outstream Video or your campaign will target In-Stream and Slider also. You need to create dedicated Outstream campaigns because if you target all three video formats the key performance metrics between In-Stream, Slider and Outstream formats are different. In our admin panel it defaults to targeting All video formats, so deselect all format buttons except Outstream video.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Video Advertising which is packed full of creative ideas, optimisation tips and video advertising case studies.

Giles Hirst