• Advertisers! How to use ChatGPT to create the perfect landing page to generate conversions

    create the perfect landing page

    With all the news about AI tool ChatGPT, as an advertiser have you ever asked, can I make a landing page with ChatGPT? A landing page is a simple website designed to persuade users who have clicked on your ad that they should buy your product or sign up for your offer. So, in short, it acts like the bridge between your ad and your offer. As a key step... Read More

  • Advertiser Guide to Responsive Display Ads

    Advertiser Guide Responsive Display Ads

    Imagine if you could access all display inventory from one campaign. That’s where Responsive Display Ads can help. In our Advertiser Guide to Responsive Ads, we are going to explain everything you need to know! A Responsive Display Ad (RDA) is a Banner ad that automatically adapts its size, format and appearance to fit any standard IAB Banner display ad placement. RDAs are used by Advertisers and Publishers on Google... Read More

  • Publishers! How to automate keyword extraction from meta tags

    How to automate the keyword extraction from page meta tags

    Do you have meta tags within your web pages? Did you know that keywords allow you to help attract advertisers to target your ad zones. Many advertisers use keyword targeting when setting up their campaigns to help them find ad zones that display similar content to the theme of their offer, to make their ads fit more contextually into a site. If an end user sees an ad for an... Read More

  • New feature: Multi-Format Ad Statistics for Publishers

    Multi-Format Ad statistics

    Publishers can now  track the performance of their Multi-Format Ad Zones, as well as the individual Banner and Native zones that are used in them with our Multi-Format Ad Statistics. Data can be viewed in both the Statistics tab and the Dashboard: In the Statistics tab data is displayed for Multi-Format Ad Zones in two reports in the Sites & Zones tab: Ad Zones and Multi-Format Zone Details (New) In... Read More

  • New feature: Targeting or blocking zones across whole sites

    Targeting or blocking ad zones

    We have added a new feature in Step 5 that allows advertisers to block or target zones across a whole site with just a couple of clicks, to improve workflow. Here's how it works: To target or block zones and sites in the list, first use the Target Mode drop-down to select whether to Target or Block zones and sites. Once you select a Target Mode other than All, a... Read More

  • Get faster banner ad load times with Asynchronous Tags

    ExoClick has added the ability for publishers to use Asynchronous Tags for desktop and mobile banners ad zones. When creating either of these zone types, Publishers can use this tag to ensure that zones are loaded onto the page asynchronously. 3 great benefits of Asynchronous Tags: The ads will be able to load asynchronously, meaning that other content will be able to load while the ads are loading. This will... Read More

  • Video Keywords Tags for Publishers & Advertisers

    ExoClick offers 3 different video ad formats: In-Stream, Outstream and Video Slider.  Keyword targeting is especially useful for video formats because publishers tend to have lots of video content on their sites covering hundreds of different content genres. Keywords can then be used by an advertiser to target specific video content ad zones with relevant video ads.   Why is keyword targeting useful? If you are an advertiser, Keyword targeting... Read More

  • Advertiser Guide to using Outstream Video

    According to HubSpot, 52% of marketers say video is the type of content with the best ROI. A Singlegrain report noted that 93% of marketers use video. This is because viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video (Social Media Week) and Wyzolw states 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. With the explosion... Read More

  • Publishers! 3 different ways to set up your Native Ad Zones

    Creating a native ad zone is simple and yet powerfully customizable. You are able to use slightly different processes for setting up a Native Ad zone depending on your needs: #1 - You simply want to set up a responsive ad zone, and choose the aspect ratio of the native ad zone’s images. #2 - You want to set up the ad zone to match a custom image size or... Read More

  • ExoClick’s Ultimate Guide to Video Advertising

    Many advertisers want to start video advertising campaigns because they have a very high conversion rate compared to traditional banners. ExoClick offers three specific video ad formats: In-Stream, Outstream and Video Slider. This indepth Guide is designed to help you get started with video advertising campaigns.   Video formats explained What are the differences between In-Stream, Outstream and Video Slider? In-Stream Video: Works with all major video players and automatically... Read More

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