Conversion tracking

  • ExoClick Webinar: Everything you need to know about Conversion Tracking 

    Everything you need to know about Conversion Tracking Register to ExoClick Webinar Conversion Tracking with ExoClick’s platform

    Don’t miss our webinar “Everything you need to know about Conversion Tracking”. Learn how to use ExoClick’s Conversion Tracking feature or use third-party Conversion Tracking software with ExoClick’s platform. Register to the ExoClick Webinar now! You will find out how to monitor your conversions and make informed adjustments to optimize your campaigns in order to reach your advertising goals. Some of the great benefits of using Conversion Tracking include: Track... Read More

  • Why ROI is the most important KPI for campaign success

    What are the main KPIs for online advertising

    Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs for online advertising, are measurable values that help assess the progress or success of a campaign by evaluating specific objectives or goals. KPIs are used to track performance and provide a quantifiable measurement of critical factors that are essential for the success of a campaign. KPIs are important because they provide actionable insights, facilitate performance monitoring, and help align efforts toward desired outcomes. By setting and... Read More

  • How to maximize ROI with ExoClick’s Bidder and Conversion Tracking

    Conversion Tracking

    Advertisers! Have you tested out ExoClick’s improved Conversion Tracking feature? With this tool, you can create Goals to track the performance of your campaigns, follow your campaigns’ progress, and gain useful insights on your audience's behavior. It is interesting to highlight the usefulness of the Bidder in this case study because you cannot use the Bidder without implementing a Conversion Goal. So by using the Bidder you can automate manual... Read More

  • ExoClick and Voluum integration for campaign costs for advertisers

    Integrating your ExoClick and Voluum account is quick and easy. This integration enables Voluum to periodically ping ExoClick for campaign cost information and update your campaign data.  Let’s get started! Before you can integrate with Voluum, you need to have an active ExoClick account in order to obtain your API Token. Creating your API token Log into your ExoClick admin panel and then open the drop down to the right... Read More

  • How to implement conversion tracking with ExoClick and third-party platforms

    What is conversion tracking? Conversion tracking allows you to identify how well your campaign is doing. It tells you exactly where you are generating sales, leads, sign-ups, etc in order to help you look at which areas of your campaign are working and not working. Once you have this knowledge you can optimize your bids, adapt your creatives and fine tune your targeting. ExoClick gives you access to global traffic sources,... Read More

  • Pre-roll in-stream video format: campaign settings and our recommendations

    How it works ExoClick serves 20 million daily in-stream video ads on +500 premium sites in our Marketplace. Our in-stream video ad format is compatible with all major video players and automatically plays when a consumer clicks on a website's video content. It is customizable with clickable calls to action and has a very high conversion rate. See a demo here. 1. In-Stream pricing models An advertiser can select one... Read More

  • Third party conversion tracking

    One of the key successes to an online campaign is the accurate measurement of metrics and conversions, sometimes across multiple campaigns and offers. You need to identify and evaluate the consumers that are interacting with your brand or product. A conversion is a click/positive action made by the consumer you are targeting, but there are many different 'conversions' depending on your business model. Here are some examples: Filling out a... Read More