Ad blocking

  • Google rolls out Chrome ad blocking globally

    Back in February 2018, Google Chrome started blocking ads on websites that display non-compliant ads, as defined by the Coalition for Better Ads. The aim was to protect end users from annoying and harmful ad experiences in North America and Europe. On July 9th 2019 Chrome rolled out this initiative globally, meaning all websites viewed in the Chrome browser will be subject to these rules.   Here is a quick recap... Read More

  • 5G and the future of online advertising

    4G was launched back in 2010 and with it came app stores, video streaming, programmatic auctions, augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence became a fledgling possibility. Now 5G looms on the horizon and carriers are readying their plans to deploy it on a large scale, software is being tested and new hardware is being developed to help the global transition to 5G. With promised super-fast connectivity, very low latency... Read More