Payment/Funding Methods

  • How ExoClick innovated in 2022

    ExoClick Innovations

    Online advertising is a highly competitive industry that evolves non-stop. To allow our clients to be on top of the game and keep up-to-date with the current trends, at ExoClick we continuously work to innovate, bringing new optimization features and updates to the table. 2022 has been a year full of innovation, where we opened up new traffic sources, offered brand new video features, payment options, and more. Continue reading... Read More

  • Cryptocurrency Funding and Payment Options Explained

    Cryptocurrency Funding and Payment Options explained

    In order to offer more accessibility options to advertisers and publishers around the world, ExoClick recently added USDC cryptocurrency as an available account funding method for advertisers and a payment method for publishers. In this blog post we explain the key benefits of crypto payments, transactional risks and crypto coin safety. What is Crypto currency? Cryptocurrency works as a digital medium of exchange through a computer network, based on blockchain.... Read More

  • ExoClick’s Payment & Funding Methods Update

    Payment & Funding Methods

    ExoClick offers a range of options for Publisher payments and Advertiser account funding, and we also have some new methods coming soon. Current Publisher Payment Methods Paxum, you will need to have a Paxum account where we can transfer your earnings to.  For weekly or monthly payments your minimum earnings must be 20 EUR/USD Cryptocurrency currently we support Cryptocurrency payments only through the ERC20 network and using USDC currency,  you... Read More