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high quality traffic sources

Valentine’s Day is on the 14th February, and it is the perfect time to give your campaigns an extra push with ExoClick’s dating high quality traffic sources! According to the National Retail Federation, consumers are expected to spend $25.9 billion on Valentine’s Day this year, with a huge percentage of purchases being made online (35%). The top Valentine’s Day gifts include candy, greeting cards, restaurants, flowers, jewelry, and online dating products. So if you are promoting nutra offers, ecommerce, or dating offers, this is your time to shine! To help you make the most of this event and generate more conversions we have worked with our business intelligence department to bring you network volumes and CTRs, as well as useful creative tips to help you refresh and maximize your campaigns.

Online Dating High Quality Traffic offers: Get yourself a Valentine’s date!

As human beings turn more and more to the internet to connect with others, online dating and video chat apps have grown to be incredibly popular, which means that online dating offers have become even a bigger business! According to Statista, Revenue in the Online Dating vertical is expected to show an annual growth rate of 9.3%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$4,230m by 2024 and a user penetration of 5.7%. The average revenue per user is expected to amount to US$8.76.

#1 ExoClick’s Free Content Sites: On the table below you can see the CTRs for all ad formats as well as CTR increases comparing the week of the event (2022-02-06 to 2022-02-16) with a week before (2022-01-26 to 2022-02-05) on ExoClick’s Free Content Sites high quality traffic sources. Around these special dates, singles tend to join online dating websites as Valentine’s Day approaches, and they don’t yet have a date to share it with! This is why we can see increases in CTRs across most ad formats for Dating offers.

High Quality traffic sources

#2 Members Area: Members Area traffic is ideal to convert dating offers. It is a high quality dating traffic source which consists of members of dating sites who are active users that have gone through a signup process to become a member of a website. 67% of Members Area traffic sources on the ExoClick Network is from English speaking and tier 1 European countries. One of the best ways to convert any offer with dating site members is by targeting the Menu Tabs. These appear within the Menu section of said site and are actually Direct Links. As we can see below, during Valentine’s Week 2022 Menu Tabs also experienced a huge increase in clicks, once again showcasing online users trying to find themselves a Valentine’s date:

  • Desktop: 10.2% increase
  • Mobile: 30.5% increase
  • Tablet: 16.6% increase

Nutrition, wellbeing and beauty: When romanticism meets health

Nutra offers have become very popular around these dates. One unsuspected side effect of the pandemic is that the global population has learned the importance of devoting time to taking care of their own wellness and wellbeing. According to Laura Ziv, executive director of BeautyStreams, beauty has now become more about ‘harmony’ and ‘deep-seated joy’. In terms of nutrition, the traditional Valentine’s chocolate boxes will continue to be seen everywhere, of course! However, the overall tendency will be oriented towards ‘mens sana corpore sano’, promoting products and services that enhance wellbeing and the optimum performance of the human body.

Some nutra products may take some time to be delivered, which means that a lot of consumers will do their best to order them ahead of time. Therefore, we are most likely to see CTR and impression increases on nutra offers the few weeks before Valentine’s Day, followed by a few decreases on the week of the event. However, as we can also see, there are still plenty of CTR increases on mobile – let’s face it: We have all been in the situation of forgetting to buy somebody a present, and then order it at the very last minute on our phone whilst on the go, commuting back and forth or during lunch breaks – And hoping for it to be delivered on time!

Nutra offers

So, if you are advertising nutra offers, remember to push for desktop format in the weeks before the event, and amp up mobile targeting during the week of Valentine’s!

eCommerce: Tell her with flowers, or a romantic dinner, or both!

Because we mostly shop online nowadays, eCommerce is a very popular vertical, 365 days a year. This is especially true during worldwide shopping events such as Black Friday, Christmas, and Valentine’s. Popular gifts to buy online during Valentine’s are anything from flowers, jewelry, cards, to stays at fancy hotels or even romantic boat rides and dinners. Some of these gifts do need to be ordered in a timely manner to make up for delivery times, however, other items such as romantic dinners can be ordered even on the same day, so really there is no rush. Besides, because of the popularity of the vertical, there has been a real effort made into turning ecommerce delivery service into a daily thing, which means that some popular ecommerce platforms such as Amazon can deliver items on the same day of the order.

This all comes in handy when we talk about last-minute Valentine’s Day orders! For this reason, comparing the week before Valentine’s with the week of the event, we can see CTR increases across most formats and both desktop and mobile, from the few weeks before, all the way to Valentine’s Day itself:

eCommerce Valentine's dating offers

Top Tips to convert your Valentine Day’s offers!

TIP! Make your ads look Valentine’s ready: It is a good idea to refresh your creatives from time to time, so that your audience doesn’t get bored. This is especially true when it comes to popular events such as Valentine’s: Adapt your creatives to this calendar event, adding Valentine’s Day imagery like cupids, roses, hearts, and refreshing the texts to reflect this Holiday.

TIP! Keep the millennials in mind: This advice applies to all verticals, especially when it comes to dating. Younger daters are used to apps like TikTok, Instagram, etc, so use similar styles in the creative for your ads such as popular filter types and effects, the same brand colors (not the logos! That is copyright infringement) and fonts for your texts. When you target this audience, remember to use lots of emojis and abbreviated expressions such as LOL and similar.

Tip! Test out all our high quality traffic sources: Members Area, Email Clicks, Free Content, Social Media… The ExoClick Network offers many high quality traffic sources that can help convert your campaigns. Which one is the best for your dating offers? The way to find out is to test out as many as possible!

Tip! Try our social media traffic: Social Media has got an ever-changing, ever-renewing audience of over 4.62 billion people worldwide, which use these pages for ca. 2.5 hours a day. Especially around these dates, in which people are going to be posting about their amazing romantic plans (or lack thereof!), it is a good idea to target the social media ExoClick traffic source.

Tip! Use Video: Video works very well because it is immersive, easy to engage with, and you can really tell a story with it, properly showcasing your service or product. Short video content is super popular especially with younger audiences, so test out different video creatives to see what works best: Product videos, mini interviews, stories featuring characters… Sky’s the limit! Try a video banner on a Fullpage Interstitial on mobile, it will show in portrait mode just like how they expect to see a TikTok video, or try Outstream video or Video Slider which are triggered in both portrait and landscape.

Tip! Use the Video Making Service: A lot of advertisers don’t have either the time of the resources to be constantly creating videos to keep their ad roster fresh. Valentine’s Day Dating offers generate huge revenues for advertisers during February. This is why we offer the free video making service, through which you can access great content of video ads that you can use free of charge. You choose the text, and we turn around with your fresh new video in a couple of days, so you can get your campaigns started, and start generating conversions asap with these high CTR video formats.

Tip! Know your niche: Dating has got so many niches. Know what’s yours to customize your ads and target them accordingly. For instance, if you are promoting an eCommerce Valentine’s offer for outdoors fans, you could make your texts and creatives all about romantic camping escapades, beautiful sunsets with your special one, etc.

TIP! Use dynamic tokens: Some formats such as Native and some Pops let you use dynamic tokens. Use them to change texts within your campaign depending on where your user is based, the device they are using, etc. This is a really useful feature, particularly for GEO targeting and can really help increase conversions. There are options to automatically translate the texts into a selection of different languages. Some tokens could be {country_name}, {region}, {city}, {language_name}, {operating_system}, {device}, {carrier} and {browser}.

TIP! Language Keywords: Keyword insertion language distribution automatically translates the keyword insertion token into the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese depending on location.

Tip! Use The Bidder: Optimize your campaigns using The Bidder, ExoClick’s bidding automation tool, which allows you to automate the optimization of your campaigns by adjusting your bids by ad zone and blocking non-converting ad zones. Read our guide on The Bidder here.

TIP! Use Conversion Tracking: Conversion tracking is an essential part of advertising. By doing conversion tracking, you will be able to see how many sales, leads or installs you are getting from these campaigns and get an accurate picture of the profitability from the traffic. This tool is specifically useful when used along with The Bidder.

TIP! Use Variation Optimization: If you are running CPM campaigns, you can enable Variation Optimization so as to send the majority of traffic to the variation that generates the most conversions to increase the user engagement and improve your exposure. Learn about our Variation Optimization algorithms here.

TIP! Use Landing Page Optimizations: Use our Landing Page algorithms so that the best performing landing page gets the most traffic. Remember that native ads, especially within the dating genre, call for editorial style landings pages, blog style, tips and tricks, etc. To make sure that you are catering to your specific audience, test out different landing styles to see what works best. Learn more here.

TIP! Download our Ultimate Guide to Dating: Find our best tips to thrive within the dating vertical in our Ultimate Guide to Dating, where we have compiled industry stats, network volumes, CTRs and useful advice to help you maximize conversions!

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