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  • ExoClick’s eCommerce traffic for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    2022 is set to be a big year for online shoppers looking for discounts for digital products and eCommerce bargains. This year’s Black Friday (25 November) and Cyber Monday (28 November) are just a few weeks away! These dates grant consumers the opportunity to purchase their favorite products and services at heavily discounted prices. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday period is also great for product owners and affiliates because... Read More

  • Why you should be targeting China, US & India with online Games offers for Mobile

    Games in india, CH and US

    The online games segment generated approximately 21.1 billion U.S. dollars in revenues, being a huge segment of the overall Video Gaming industry. In this blog post we will give you some insights into the US, Chinese and India markets to help you maximize the performance of your offers using ExoClick's traffic sources. Whether you are promoting online games or mobile gaming apps, our aim is to inform you about each... Read More

  • ExoClick updates The Ultimate Guide to Dating for 2022

    The Ultimate Guide to Dating 2022

    Converting Dating offers with ExoClick’s traffic can lead to a great ROI for advertisers. To help our clients maximize their revenues, we have updated our Ultimate Guide to Dating with the latest network statistics. We have also highlighted some new ad formats that give advertisers even more opportunities to convert their Dating offers. In the downloadable PDF you will find: Detailed Business Intelligence statistics about our traffic sources including volumes... Read More

  • Advertisers: What is working in LATAM right now?

    ExoClick’s Business Intelligence department carried out an in-depth analysis of the LATAM market for Q1 & Q2 of 2020. With many countries across LATAM in lockdown across this time period and as we go into Q3, we wanted to give you some advice on how to convert specific verticals in LATAM. One of the advantages of LATAM is that the vast majority of countries all speak Spanish, meaning that you... Read More

  • Traffic increases and vertical tips during COVID-19

    Network Traffic increases ExoClick’s Business Intelligence team has been closely monitoring our network’s traffic since various states of emergency and lockdowns were put into place by different GEOs. Below you can see the served impressions for each week from 9 March to 5 April, week 11 to week 15 of the year. The weekly percentages were calculated by comparing the traffic on our network from 2 to 8 March, week... Read More

  • Dating Factory sign-up statistics

    Dating Factory is the biggest international provider of dating white label sites, their network is available in 22 languages covering over 70 different dating niches worldwide. Dating Factory hosts over 100,000 dating sites on its platform and ExoClick offers their members area traffic exclusively. We have been working with Dating Factory's business intelligence department to bring you some fascinating insights into their dating traffic, to help you with targeting your... Read More

  • 7 emoji tips for push notification campaigns

    Push notification messages increase engagement when emojis are included in the message. ExoClick’s push notification ad format allows advertisers to include emojis in their title text and/or description texts. There are 2,823 emojis in the Unicode Standard and this blog post gives you some tips on how to use emojis in your campaigns.   Emotive emojis Emojis are fun and relatable and they enhance communication by providing direct images and... Read More

  • 7 ExoClick network statistics for Q1 2018

    ExoClick's Business Intelligence department has been busy crunching numbers and we have some interesting traffic insights for Q1 2018. The focus of these statistics are ExoClick's Native advertising and In-stream video ad formats. Native advertising statistics Q1 2018 1.The top 5 GEOs serving Native impressions were: In fact the USA is the biggest market for Native ads with predictions from eMarketer stating that this year 58.3% of US digital display... Read More

  • Dating Power

    ExoClick, the innovative ad company, is proud to sponsor Global Dating Insights 2018 edition of The Power Book. The Power Book lists the influencers and movers and shakers that have shaped the online dating industry over the course of the year. This fourth edition features a host of niche brands and innovators alongside the big names, and pays special attention to those dating executives who have moved with the times... Read More

  • Programmatic ad spend in Germany is on the rise

    According to eMarketer programmatic ad spend in Germany is set to reach $1.59 billion in 2018. That’s up 29.7% compared to 2017 and by 2019 programmatic investment is expected to grow to $1.83 billion. Additionally, mobile programmatic ads are more popular with marketeers than desktop, which has led to mobile programmatic accounting for 59.1% of total mobile display ad spending in 2018, or $939.9 million. Read More

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