How ExoClick innovated in 2023

How ExoClick innovated in 2023

Each year ExoClick introduces new features to help Advertisers and Publishers have more tools to generate more revenues. For Advertisers this means more options for visibility of their offers via innovative ad formats, optimization and automation tools to help them convert their offers with ExoClick’s high quality traffic sources. For Publishers this means more innovative ways to maximize their ad zones with additional features to increase their demand from advertisers. This is because ExoClick addresses ways to take the lead for new industry trends, develop and launch new technologies for ExoClick’s platform. Our clients are our first thought whenever we introduce new features and information can always be found in the useful articles on the ExoClick blog. ExoClick is also leading the charge to keep our network clean of all forms of malvertising and that ads displayed meet the industry’s IAB standards. This means that end users can enjoy a safe and high quality ad experience. Additionally ExoClick, as an online business, is helping to protect children from online harm on the world wide web. Let’s dive in to see how ExoClick innovated in 2023.

#1 ExoClick Feature: Smart Bid for Advertisers

Launched in April, Smart Bid is a campaign pricing model that uses machine learning. It is an automated bidding feature for advertisers that will analyze data for each campaign using Smart Bid. The feature will automatically determine the optimal price in real-time based on the likelihood of a conversion using analysis across several data points, using conversion data for specific dimensions: zones, countries, device types, browsers, etc

There are two types of bidding strategies: Target CPA (Cost per Acquisition) strategy finds an optimal bid for the campaign ad based on an average target CPA that the advertiser wants the campaign to achieve. Target ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) strategy finds an optimal bid for the campaign ad based on a target percentage of the ROAS that the advertiser wants the campaign to achieve. 

Smart bid has some amazing benefits. The goal of Smart Bid is that it will continue working on your campaign to make it profitable, to guarantee a profitable campaign, but you have to let the campaign run so think long term. Smart Bid saves you lots of manual optimization time. After initial campaign set up with Smart Bid you will generally only need small optimizations as the campaign progresses, such as tweaking your Target ROAS or CPA, rather than in depth manual constant campaign optimizations.

The ExoClick feature Smart Bid has proved highly popular with Advertisers, here you can see how many campaigns are using it month on month since it’s launch.

useful articles on the ExoClick blog

Check out our article with an in depth review of how Smart Bid works, the article includes an advertiser case study using Smart Bid that achieved an ROAS of 120.31%. You can also check out our video Webinar Recording: Everything you need you know about Smart Bid

#2 ExoClick Feature: Ad Refresh for Publishers

Launched in September, Ad Refresh allows Publishers to refresh ad content on various Banner ad zones, including RDAs, on their website, in order to serve not one, but several ads per user, per session. So the more time an end user spends on a page section that has an ad zone, the more ads they will get the chance to view. This is beneficial both for Publishers and Advertisers: Advertisers have more chances to get their ads seen and clicked on, and Publishers get to monetize user time whilst increasing viewable impressions, which will increase the long-term value of their ad zones.

Ad Refresh benefits include increased impressions and revenues per ad zone, maximum optimizing end user time on the page, a great end user experience because the end user is not shown the same ad in the ad zone, so less or no ad fatigue. And of course, ExoClick’s Ad Refresh feature has been specially designed to ensure full compliance with Google and the IAB Standards

Ad Refresh has proved to be an in demand feature for Publishers, here you can see how many ad zones have implemented Ad Refresh since launch:

useful articles on the ExoClick blog

By implementing Ad Refresh on Banner ad zones, Advertisers have more ad inventory available to bid on and more opportunities to appear in high visibility ad zones. Because an end user won’t be shown the same campaign twice, Advertisers can be sure that their offers are being shown to fresh audiences, bringing more opportunities for campaign reach, with the possibility of the ad campaign getting interest from more end users and increased clicks. Check out a detailed explanation of Ad Refresh in our article here.

#3 ExoClick Feature: More ad formats for Responsive Display Ads (RDAs)

In October, ExoClick added two more ad formats for Responsive Display Ads: Instant Message and Sticky Banners. The addition of these two ad formats to the existing Display Banner format opens up more inventory to Advertisers with the simplicity of creating campaigns with 300x300px images and texts (title, description and brand.) ExoClick’s system then automatically creates several different sized ad creatives that can be instantly used in a campaign. Publishers can action RDAs on their ad formats in their admin panel to open up whichever ad zones they want to be targeted by Advertisers that use RDAs. Read all about it in our article here.

#4 How ExoClick helps to keep the internet safe

As an online business, ExoClick has zero tolerance towards any form of the exploitation and online harm of children. This is why ExoClick is a member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF.) The IWF is an independent not-for-profit organization supported by the global internet industry and the European Commission. It works internationally to make the internet a safer place, by identifying and removing online child sexual abuse images and videos. Additionally the IWF offers the public a safe place to report suspected online child sexual abuse images and videos anonymously. In addition ExoClick is also a member of the WeProtect Global Alliance brings together governments, civil society, and the technology industry to tackle the growing threat of child sexual abuse online. ExoClick is one of over 200 global members who are committed to ending child sexual exploitation and abuse online. ExoClick has implemented the learnings in the Alliance’s frameworks, which provides guidance on understanding the issue of child sexual abuse online.

ExoClick believes that every child deserves to grow up in a safe digital environment, free from harm and exploitation. By working together with the Internet Watch Foundation and the WeProtect Global Alliance we can help develop effective solutions to prevent the spread of child sexual abuse material online and bring perpetrators to justice.

#5 How ExoClick stops malvertising and ensures only quality ads are served

Malvertising might happen on any ad network at some point in time, including industry giants such as Google. To detect suspicious forms of malvertising ExoClick’s Compliance Team uses a range of different tools to keep its network safe and clean. One of our tools is the industry standard: AdSecure.

AdSecure is a 360 degree malvertising prevention and ad quality detection solution. This allows ExoClick to scan all ad creatives, links and landing pages for malvertising and non compliance. This occurs before a campaign goes live and the campaigns are subjected to further regular analysis whilst running on our network. AdSecure also checks ad creatives to see if they meet the industry IAB standards to ensure every creative is of optimal quality, and low enough in size to ensure a quick load time. By using AdSecure our publishers can have full confidence in knowing that we proactively seek out and stop malvertising, that the ads meet industry standards that are served on their websites and that all ads served by ExoClick are fully compliant with Google and the Better Ads Coalition. This ensures every end user has a safe and great experience viewing ads served by ExoClick.

#6 More useful articles on the ExoClick blog

The ExoClick blog is a great source of information for Advertisers and Publishers, wanting to get the best out of ExoClick’s platform. It includes platform features, platform tips, network CTR data for ad formats and offer verticals. Here are some of the useful articles on the ExoClick blog we posted in 2023:

ExoClick Case Studies

For Publishers, we showed how websites were earning extra revenue with Post-Roll In-Stream video ads and the Direct Link menu Tabs format was explored with Desktop and Mobile Publisher case studies and tips to test and experiment with the way the format is displayed to end users to drive more clicks. For Advertisers we explained how an Advertiser increased their Games offer’s ROI with Native Advertising in Brazil, and how to target Members Area sites with RTB programmatic ads.

ExoClick Platform Tips

We posted many useful articles on the ExoClick blog with Publisher tips including how to optimize video ad zones, the benefits of using Sub IDs on your Email Click ad zones, how to beat ad blockers, a deep dive into maximizing your Native ad zone revenues and for Advertisers and Publishers we showed you how to get the most out of your data with ExoClick’s customizable dashboards. Articles aimed specifically at Advertisers included how to optimize video advertising campaigns, how to create profitable native ad campaigns, how to test and the best bidding strategies for Direct Link Menu Tabs, and top account manager tips for getting the most out of ExoClick’s Conversion Tracking tool.

ExoClick Business Intelligence Network Data

We posted articles featuring business intelligence network data for different GEOs and verticals. For example, how to convert Sports Betting offers, tip for converting Dating offers and Games offers China and vertical and ad format CTRs for the following markets: South East Asia, India, LATAM, Brazil, Europe, UK, USA 

2024 forthcoming….

Keep checking the useful articles on the ExoClick blog to stay tuned for more platform innovations and tools to help you take your business to the next level with ExoClick in 2024!


Giles Hirst