Publishers! Try our Fullpage Interstitial & Popunder combinations

The Fullpage Interstitial is a postitial ad that appears between page loads on a website. You can set various criteria set within ExoClick’s admin panel to trigger the ad on a user’s click, which then displays the ad to the end user. The large format is fully responsive and takes up the full screen of the user’s device making it a popular choice for advertisers. It is available on the CPM and CPC payment model and because it is a large format it has a higher CTR, therefore it generates great results for advertisers and higher bid prices for publishers.

A great user experience
The interstitial is fully compliant with Google and The Better Ads Coalition because it features a ‘Close Ad’ button in the top right hand corner, allowing the user to close the interstitial and continue to view the website’s content. Additionally, there is a small transparent padding around the interstitial that allows the user to partially see the publishers site underneath the ad format, this improves the user experience because the user maintains the visual connection with the website’s brand/page. ExoClick does not allow misleading elements in any marketing material and the maximum image weight is set at 300K, aligning the ad format with Google and the IAB.

Triggering and frequency capping flexibility
ExoClick’s admin panel gives publishers lots of flexibility with various trigger options for the Fullpage Interstitial and it can be used in combination with the Popunder ad format. Both the Interstitial and the Popunder are large format ads with high CPMs and our triggering tools allow you to increase your revenues while creating a great user experience on your mobile site.

When setting up a Fullpage Interstitial ad zone, in the Frequency section, you can use the radio button to choose between Time and Clicks.

The Frequency based on Time allows you to set how much time a user should have spent on your website before showing him the Fullpage Interstitial and how many minutes or hours it will take to trigger the ad again to the same user.

The Frequency based on Clicks allows you to set how many clicks a user will make before triggering the Fullpage Interstitial ad, and how many additional clicks will it take to trigger the ad again to the same user.

Here are some example settings, with the first display of the ad after 3 user clicks, and then again after every 15 clicks:


4 revenue boosting combinations you can try
All of this flexibility allows you to try different combinations of the Fullpage Interstitial and the Popunder ad formats on a website’s page.

Trigger combo #1: You can set a webpage to trigger both ad formats at different stages of the user journey on your website. So you could set the frequency capping of the Popunder to show the ad to a user once every 24 hours (1×24), then set the interstitial to be shown after the user’s 3rd click. This way you can show 2 different large format ads to the same user doubling your revenues for the user.
Trigger combo #2: But why not try monetising his visit even further by adding an extra impression. ExoClick’s admin panel allows you to set two trigger points for the Fullpage Interstitial. So if you repeat the set up in ‘double your revenue’, but add a second trigger for the Interstitial, say after the user’s 15th click, that way you can show 3 large format ads to the same user.
Trigger combo #3: You can also place triggers within the webpage to show both ad formats when a user clicks on specific places on your web page such as: thumbnails, tabs, video player play, pause, stop buttons, etc. This gives you more opportunities to show combinations of the two ad formats to end users. It works by using the feature clicking on links with a specific class by setting up the classes accordingly for each ad format. HTML example Popunder & Interstitial Page in the same page and using subID and keywords:


<!-- Popunder -->
<script type="text/javascript">
    var ad_idzone = "1234567",
    ad_tags = "humour,general,games",
    ad_sub = "100001",
    ad_popup_fallback = false,
    ad_popup_force = false,
    ad_chrome_enabled = true,
    ad_new_tab = false,
    ad_frequency_period = 5,
    ad_frequency_count = 1,
    ad_trigger_method = 2,
    ad_trigger_class = "triggerpop";
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<!-- Mobile Full Page -->
<script type="application/javascript" data-idzone="8910112" data-ad_sub="20001" data-ad_tags="humour,general,games" data-ad_frequency_period="5" data-ad_frequency_count="1" data-browser_settings="1" data-ad_trigger_method="2" data-ad_trigger_class="triggerfull" src=""></script>    

<a class="triggerpop" href="#">Popunder</a>

<a class="triggerfull" href="#">Mobile Full Page</a>



  • Classes must be included within a link tag <a> containing simple text or an image.
  • If the name of the class contains a space ie. “thumb nail” the system won’t accept it.
  • There can be no space in the name of the class and the publisher should be advised to rename it (to “thumb” a suggestion). Dashes (“-”) are accepted, eg: “thumb-nail”.
  • Multiple classes are allowed as long as are set separated by commas: test, thumb, etc.

Browser combo: ExoClick’s admin panel allows you to use browser settings to show the Fullpage Interstitial within one browser and the Popunder in another browser, as both formats have this option available. As you may be aware, Chrome is penalising some publisher sites that show Popunders, which means you are losing revenues for a high CPM ad format if you remove Popunders in Chrome. So why not show the fully Google complaint Fullpage Interstitial to Chrome users and the Popunder to non Chrome browsers.

Here is how to do it: In your admin panel under Sites & Zones set up for the Popunder, don’t enable the Chrome Enabled toggle switch, this will stop the Popunder from being displayed in Chrome but not in the rest of the browsers.

If you then select the option Chrome Only for the Fullpage Interstitial during set up, this format will only be displayed in Chrome.

In this scenario, both formats will be integrated within the same page but triggered depending on the browser the user uses to access your page.

The Fullpage Interstitial opens up new possibilities to generate revenues when used in conjunction with the Popunder format and ExoClick’s various trigger features.
Test out the 4 combinations on different webpages, on different GEOs, at different times of the day to see what further combinations can give you the perfect sweet spot for revenues. Happy experimenting!

For a details about how to set up this ad zone and all the triggering tips please see our FAQ.

Giles Hirst