Advertisers! How to stay compliant with your Dating offer creatives

Advertisers! How to stay compliant with your Dating offer creatives

In-Page Push Notifications and Native ad formats are a great way to generate leads for your Dating offers. Both format creatives allow an Image, Title text (50 characters), Description text (90 characters) and Brand text (30 characters). However, when creating campaigns for Dating offers there are some strict compliance rules for creatives of both these formats. These rules must be adhered to in order to have your campaigns approved to run on ExoClick’s network.

Here is a list of restrictions:

  • The ad creative title and description make it appear as though a person is requesting to chat/connect/message the end user
  • The ad creative title and description are designed to look as though a person is actually chatting with the end user
  • The ad creative title and description are a direct meeting request

All the above are considered misleading for the end user.

Native Benefits: ExoClick has huge daily volumes of Native ad zones and bidding prices are low, Native is a great way to test out Dating offers at a low price.

In-Page Push Notification Benefits: This format really stands out to an end user because it fades in while an end user is browsing a page. Because the ad zone is not grouped together with other banners, it is the only ad displayed. Additionally the format’s design, being slightly curved at the edges and featuring an image on the left and text on the right also makes it eye catching in comparison to banner ads.

CTRS: As recently explained in our downloadable Ultimate Guide to Dating which is packed full of tips for monetizing Dating offers with ExoClick’s traffic and ad formats, here are the Global CTRs for Dating offers using Native and In-Page Push Notifications:

In-Page Push Native CTRs Dating

Getting clicks

Both In-Page Push Notifications and Native ads offer a range of different options to help you get clicks to generate leads and sales:

Use emojis: You can insert emojis into title and description texts. Emojis are an effective way to enrich your marketing messaging. They are processed by our brain as nonverbal information. They are an emotional part of communication and allow you to get creative when trying to get your message across. Because the number of text characters allowed is a set limit, an emoji can maximize your use of the set character limits. Here is an example:

Title: Meet the love of your life (26 characters) changes to 20 characters with a couple of emojis for ‘meet’ and ‘love’ and the Description: 1,000s of singles are looking now! Join for free! (49 characters) changes to 41 characters with the emoji replacing ‘looking.’

Using emojis In-Page Push

Everyone understands emojis, across all languages, and an end user instantly recognises the message you are trying to communicate.

Use Branding: The best way to get qualified clicks is to let the end user know that they are clicking on an ad. You have the option to add 30 characters of text for your brand, so take advantage of this and use it. This is a key part of your sales funnel: User shows initial interest in your Dating offer, then you can convert that end user into a lead or sale from your Landing Page/Pre Lander.

Use Dynamic Tokens: You can add Dynamic Tokens to your texts to increase your conversion rate, this is especially useful for Dating offers. Dynamic Tokens can be set to change specific texts within your Title and/or Description, for example: {country}, {region}, {day} or {device}. These tokens will then display specific texts releated to the end user information. So for localized Dating offers the dynamic tokens highlight where the end user is, or the device they are using. This allows your ads to be more effective because it is like one to one marketing targeting to the end user. 

For example, if you create an In-Page Push Notification or Native ad text with the {region} token your text will automatically change to the text to the detected end user’s region:

Meet Girls and Guys from {region}

If the end user was in the US in California, the text would display: Meet Girls and Guys from California

Dynamic Tokens

There are a large range of Dynamic Tokens you can use, so they offer another creative way to maximize the impact of your campaigns for Native and In-Page Push Notifications. You can get more information about Dynamic tokens here



Giles Hirst