The best ad formats to promote Sports Offers in 2024

Best ad formats in Sports Betting 2024

This summer is big for sports with both the UEFA Euro Cup and the Olympics being held in Paris. These sporting events create a huge opportunity for your Sports offers. In our previous article, we delved into our top tips on creating Video ads for the UEFA Euros 2024 and the 2024 Olympics so now we will focus on answering the question ‘What are the best ad formats to promote sports offers in 2024?’. This will help you to create a strategy and pick your ad formats ahead of the summer season, read on for our exclusive network data and our top tips for creating and increasing your revenue on Sports Betting offers!

What are the best countries and Devices for Sports Betting campaigns in 2024

70% of Americans surveyed are more likely to watch a sports event if they have placed a bet on it. This shows that betting on sports events is very popular and can enhance the experience for many people. In the last blog, we found that Mobile was the most popular Device with 91.4% of the clicks. 

Best devices to advertise Sports Betting

The top 5 performing GEOs for Sports Betting campaigns in 2024 so far were the US (+8.9%), Germany(+2.8%), France (+2.5%), UK (+1.7%) and Italy(1.5%). For the full top ten breakdown check out part 1.

What CTRs can I expect for Sports Betting offers?

What are the best ad formats to promote Sports Offers in 2024

Now, let’s take a look at the best ad formats for Sports Betting offers ahead of the 2024 summer sports season based on each ad format’s CTRs for the vertical! This will help us to identify what CTRs to expect for Sports Betting offers.

CTR for the Fullpage Interstitial on Sports Betting offers

Fullpage Interstitial is a great format for catching the audience’s attention as it is a large full page format that fills the device’s screen. This format is served during user navigation of a website and the sizing is 1600×900. Based on our data from Analytics it is clear that Desktop has the strongest CTR with a 1.6% CTR, followed by Mobile with 1.1% and 0.9% on Tablet.

TIP! For best results upload your creatives in either jpg, png, or gif format. This will ensure that your ad has the best reach and will prevent users from abandoning the page due to long loading times.

CTRs on Sports Betting offers

CTR for Banner ads on Sports Betting offers

Display Banners come in a variety of sizes and placements on a website and have a high impression rate when used with high quality visuals and audio. When creating Banner ads it is important to remember this is a top funnel strategy as it raises awareness, authority, and consideration with your audience. The best devices to target are Mobile and Tablet with a 0.2% CTR rate followed by Desktop which has a 0.1% CTR.

TIP! When creating Banner Ads use a single CTA. This will improve the end user experience and guide them on the next steps they should take after viewing the ad.

CTRs on Sports Betting offersCTR for Native Ads on Sports Betting offers

Native ads come in a variety of formats including Native Recommendation, Exit, and Interstitial. It consists of an image, a short title, and a short description. It is a very engaging format that grabs the attention of your audience. Native had an average CTR of 0.2% on Mobile, 0.1% on Desktop, and 0.2% on Tablet.

TIP! Native advertising has an organic feel but it is still important to clearly label them as sponsored content. This will help you to maintain transparency and build trust with your audience.

CTRs on Sports Betting offers

CTR for Push Notifications on Sports Betting offers

Push Notifications come in two sizes 720×480 which includes an icon and image or 192×192, which shows the icon only. Users receive it on their Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices even when not browsing the internet. It is a great re-engagement strategy and can help your end user to remember to check out your product or service. The CTR rate for Push Notifications on Mobile was 0.03%, 0.1% on Desktop and 0.02% on Tablet. This indicates that Push notifications will work before for Desktop campaigns.

TIP! Experiment with messaging, timing, and visuals to determine what resonates best with your audience. This will help you to provide value to the end user and encourage interaction. 

CTRs on Sports Betting offers

Top Tips for converting your Sports Betting offers in 2024!

We have looked at the potential CTRs for the best performing ad formats to promote Sports Offers in 2024. Let’s take a look at some of our top tips to increase your Sports Betting Offers and the tools available as standard when you use the ExoClick Network!

Frequency Capping and A/B Testing: Use ExoClick’s Frequency Capping feature on your Fullpage Interstitial, this will help ensure you don’t overwhelm the end user. Test different variations of the interstitial ad to determine which design, messaging, ad frequency, and placement work best for your target audience.

Create high quality images for your ads: Your ad’s image is your first opportunity to capture the viewer’s interest, especially with your Banner campaigns. You don’t need a graphic designer, you can pick a simple and compelling image that fits into the website that you are targeting. Avoid Stock photos and instead use images that look like user-generated content or could have been taken with a smartphone. This will appeal to the end user’s curiosity and create an emotional response. For example, you could include imagery of people celebrating their team winning to convey that emotional impact! Here are more tips to create high converting Native ad image texts.

Write great copy for Native: Title and Description are very important to pique your end user’s interest. The other 50% is creating a compelling copy to accompany the Native ad. Remember that there is a word limit, so you need to get your point across fairly quickly to make your text the most powerful CTA. We recommend focusing on questions, facts, and statistics, or offering quick how-to guides on Sports Betting during the Olympics and of course don’t forget to use emojis! For example, you could have a text like ‘🎾🏸Use these 5 hacks to win big during the 2024 Olympics! 💸🥇’ or ‘ 🏀🔥5 secrets bookmakers don’t want you to know 🤫⚽’. 

Create value in your Push Notifications: When it comes to Push Notifications the most important question to consider is what value it brings to the end user. Therefore you should consider personalization, timing, and clear messaging for campaigns with this ad format. Personalize the notifications to the user’s preferences and behavior to increase engagement, test different times to send the notifications to learn about your end user and their activity, and keep notifications short, clear, and relevant to convey the message effectively. For example, ‘💯Get in on the action! Exclusive betting offers are waiting for you. Place your bets now for big wins! 🏆🔥’ 

How ExoClick’s tools can improve your Sports Betting Campaigns!

There are many reasons to promote Sports Betting offers in 2024 with ExoClick. Here are some ExoClick tools that you can use to target, track, and optimize your campaign:

Keyword Insertion Language Distribution: If you are advertising with Native try our the Keyword Insertion token into the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. The Dynamic Tokens will be displayed in the language that you set for the campaign. The language is set in the top right of the Variations list. Choose the language for the Tokens from the Ad Text Language drop-down. The default language is English. For example, in Spain ‘España’ will show if you use the {country_name} token. 

ExoCick’s Conversion Tracking Tool: Conversion tracking is an essential part of advertising. By doing conversion tracking, you will be able to see how many sales, leads, or installs you are getting from these campaigns and get an accurate picture of how profitable the traffic is. This tool is specifically useful when used along with the Smart Bid model.

Use Dynamic Tokens for Native: If you promote Sports Betting offers in 2024 with ExoClick and you choose the Native format, make sure to use Dynamic Tokens. This will dynamically change texts within your Native ad campaigns for precise GEO targeting. So for instance, if you are targeting different US cities and this is reflected in your text, you can use the Token {city}. E.g., ‘Show your pride for {country} make your bet now’ will change to ‘Show your pride for America and check out our Olympic offers!’, 

Smart Bid: The feature will automatically determine the optimal price in real-time based on the likelihood of a conversion using analysis across several data points, using conversion data for specific dimensions: zones, countries, device types, browsers

Landing Page Optimization: This feature will allow you to test different landing pages to determine the best ones for your offers. After a week of learning the algorithm will distribute the number of clicks per landing page. You can then proceed to pause the variations showing fewer clicks therefore optimizing your campaign efficiently. This is a great way to improve your Sports Betting offers in 2024 with ExoClick!

Variation Algorithm: This tool works for all ad formats with any type of creative when the CPM or Smart CPM bidding model is used. This will help you to quickly assess your most powerful creatives by evaluating them based on conversion rate.

Conclusion: Promote Sports Betting offers in 2024 with ExoClick

Get ahead of the game and start planning your Ad campaigns with ExoClick to make the most of the biggest sporting events of the year! With the best ad formats to promote sports offers in 2024. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to reach a wide audience and increase your revenue. If you are an Advertiser looking for a reliable self-service Ad Network with a fantastic team of professionals and you are not yet a member, sign up now!

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