How to promote Sports Betting Offers with Video ads

How to promote Sports Betting Offers with Video ads

This summer is an important sports season with the UEFA Euros 2024 beginning on the 14th of June, and concluding on July 14. The Olympics, another quadrennial event, will be held in Paris from Friday, July 26, to Sunday, August 11. It is expected that 1 billion people will watch the Olympics and five billion people will attend the Euros, creating huge potential for your online Sports Betting offers. In fact, research carried out by St. Bonaventure University found that one in five Americans have a betting account with 93% of the survey sample stating they bet on matches because it makes them more ‘fun and exciting’, making it the perfect time to promote your Sports Betting offers with Video ads.

There are many high performing ad formats on the ExoClick network but, in this article, we will cover how to promote Sports Betting Offers with Video ads because it is a great medium to captivate your audience. This is done through the use of audio and visuals to tell a story. To help you optimize your campaigns we have gathered information from March 1st to April 30th, 2024 on the best performing Video formats and top GEOs to promote Sports Betting offers. Keep reading to find out and stay tuned for part two covering the other top performing ad formats!

What countries and devices should I target during the UEFA Euros and the Olympics? 

When considering what languages to target for your campaign it is important to know who your target demographic is. As you will see below, the country breakdown for the top GEOs to promote Sports Betting offers towards during the UEFA Euros and the Olympics is mainly made up of Tier 1 English-speaking countries:

top GEOs to promote Sports Betting offers

Best countries to target Sports Betting offers during the Olympics

The US, Canada, and Australia may be more likely to place a bet as their Olympians have a strong track record for winning at events. In the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, the US came home with 113 medals, Canada won 24 and Australia won 46 which are good odds for the punter. When we look at the internal data we can see that the daily average clicks on ads of this nature in the US is 8.9%, 0.81% in Canada, and 0.5% in Australia signifying they could be the best countries to target your Sports Betting offers towards during the Olympics. 

Best countries to target Sports Betting offers during the UEFA Euros 2024

The Euros 2024 occurs in Europe so we recommend targeting Europe with your offers. If you are looking to narrow down the potential GEOs, some of the best locations to target would be countries that have qualified. All the European countries on our list except Sweden have qualified, so start by targeting countries like Germany (2.8%), which is hosting the event, or France (2.5%), which is the current favorite to win. You can find the order in which they will play and other qualifying countries here

Best devices to target Sports Betting offers

Based on our internal network data we have found that 91.4% of all ad clicks are coming from Mobile devices. This is no surprise as it has become the most popular device for end users to use when browsing and buying things online. So, ensure your campaigns are optimized for Mobile devices. 

Best devices to advertise Sports Betting offers

Using Video ads: What CTRs can I expect for my Sports Betting offers?

In a study conducted by Meta, 62% of participants stated that they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Video content. Brand awareness is stronger with Video ads, a study by Wyzowl found that audiences who had viewed Video ads in the past week were 26% more likely to remember the product/service being advertised, than those who had seen a static ad. So let’s have a look at the characteristics of In-Stream, Slider, or Outstream ads so you can choose the best strategy to promote your Sports Betting Offers with Video ads.

How do In-Stream Video ads work for Sports Betting offers?

In-Stream Video ads are the ads that play automatically when an end user clicks on a website Video, inside of the video player itself. It is customizable with a CTA that redirects the end user to your landing page in another tab without interrupting the end user experience. This format is also compliant with the IAB Standards as it features a ‘Skip Ad’ button that will appear after 5 seconds.

CTR for In-Stream Video ads in the Sports Betting vertical: Statistics on the CTR for In-Steam Video ads show that Mobile has the highest click-through rate of 3.6% on Sports-related offers. Desktop and Tablet also performed well with a 1.7% and 2.5% CTR respectively.

CTR for Video ads in the Sports Betting Vertical

How do Outstream Video ads work for Sports Betting offers?

Outstream Videos are triggered on the webpage your end user opens on the Publisher’s site. In preselected placements, it displays and plays on mute once 50% of the ad zone is viewable to the end user. As the end user scrolls the Video ad will pause and resume when the end user returns to the content where the Outstream ad is located.

CTR for Outstream Video ads in the Sports Betting vertical: As you can see in the statistics below, on the CTR for Outstream Video ads on Sports Betting offers, Mobile is once again the top performing device with a 1.6% CTR. Followed by Desktop, with 0.8%, and Tablet, with 0.5% CTR

What CTRs can I expect on video ads for Sports Betting offers?

How do Slider Video ads work for Sports Betting offers?

The Slider Video format slides in from the bottom right of a webpage once the website page has loaded and it features a close ad button which ensures your ad is complying with the IAB Standards.

CTR for Slider Video ads in the Sports Betting Vertical: The statistics on the CTR for Sports Betting offers on Slider Video ads show Mobile has a 0.6%, Desktop has a 0.4% and Tablet has a 0.7% CTR.

CTR for Video ads in the Sports Betting Vertical

Expert tips to maximize your Sports Betting Video campaigns

Now that you know the results that you can achieve using ExoClick’s Video ads to promote your Sports Betting offers for the Olympics and UEFA EURO 2024, let’s look at some expert tips and optimization tools that will help you maximize your campaigns:

TIP! Test different In-Stream placements: Both Pre-Roll and Post-Roll ads are high converting placements on In-Stream Video zones, so if you want to maximize your ad zones’ profits, test Pre-Roll with/or Post-Roll to earn extra revenue. You should also try to pique the audience’s interest by using a CTA like ‘Click here for the best odds’, ‘Try for free’, or ‘Sign up for Free!’.

TIP! Use Smart Bid: It guarantees a profitable campaign by ensuring you get the best price for your ad placements. This long-term approach saves time by minimizing the need for constant manual adjustments, allowing Advertisers to focus on improving creatives for better conversion rates. Additionally, while Smart Bid handles most optimizations, Advertisers can still manually fine-tune campaigns by blocking ad zones or adjusting the Target CPA as needed.

TIP! Try Third-party tracking URLs for deeper insights: There are over 18 Tracking Events available with our Third-party tracking URLs, under three categories Video Duration, Video Tracking, and User Actions. These tokens allow you to monitor events such as Video duration, Video tracking, and end user actions without using VAST Tags

TIP! Find your best Landing pages with the Landing Page Optimization tool: ​​This tool allows automated control over the traffic sent to a campaign’s different variations. You can identify the best performing creatives for your Sports Betting offers as the algorithm will show the highest converting landing pages to your audience. 

Conclusion: Promote Sports Betting offers for the Olympics and UEFA EURO 2024 with ExoClick

Get ahead of the game and start planning your Video ad campaigns with ExoClick to make the most of the biggest sporting events of the year! If you would like to know about the other top performing formats, check out Part 2 here! Take advantage of this opportunity to reach a wide audience and increase your revenue. If you are an Advertiser looking for a reliable self-service Ad Network with a fantastic team of professionals who can help you with any query, sign up now! 

Alice Naughton