• Publishers! Meet Fluid Player: The lightweight free HTML video player

    Fluid player

    Video advertising is currently one of the most profitable forms of advertising for publishers. If you are a publisher wondering what is the best way to monetize video content, you should use a powerful free HTML video player such as Fluid Player, which is free and open source. It’s also lightweight, and fully compatible with video ad formats. Additionally, it allows features such as CTA and Live Stream video ads... Read More

  • How ExoClick protects Publishers on our network

    Website publishers

    ExoClick’s Compliance team is constantly working to guarantee ad chain flow security, ad quality and full industry compliance at all times to protect our Publishers. ExoClick’s mission is to ensure a great browsing experience and that all parties within the ad supply chain are protected, we have strict policies and guidelines that govern the kinds of ads we allow on our platform. We also closely monitor our advertisers’ campaigns, to... Read More

  • Publishers! Increase CPMs using Responsive Display Ads with Async & iFrame

    Responsive Display Ads

    Hey Publisher! Have you made sure that your site codes are up-to-date and contain Async tags and the latest version of iFrame? More and more ExoClick Publishers are getting around to updating their website’s scripts using the latest Admin Panel codes. Some after their Account Manager’s recommendation, others because they realized that their ad zones run on unoptimized code such as old Standard or JS tags, affecting overall site and... Read More

  • Why are the IAB Standards important?

    IAB Standards

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), established in 1996, is an advertising business organization that develops online advertising industry standards. The IAB Standards are a series of guidelines put in place by the IAB designed to support a healthy and sustainable online advertising industry, to curate a safe and pleasant browsing experience for the end user and promote the growth and health of the online advertising industry. It is the responsibility... Read More