Video Keywords Tags for Publishers & Advertisers

ExoClick offers 3 different video ad formats: In-Stream, Outstream and Video Slider. Keyword targeting is especially useful for video formats because publishers tend to have lots of video content on their sites covering hundreds of different content genres. Keywords can then be used by an advertiser to target specific video content ad zones with relevant video ads.


Why is keyword targeting useful?

If you are an advertiser, Keyword targeting helps you match the content of your video ad campaign with the content of specific websites, webpages and even each piece of video content on a website. For example, if you have a dating offer you could use keyword targeting with words like: love, dating, romance, couple, etc. That way your video dating ad will appear next to content on a publishers site where the keyword tags are placed. Because your ad will be more contextually relevant to the user, you will get more quality clicks which leads to more conversion opportunities.

If you are a publisher using Keywords related to specific content on your website pages and to video content, will attract advertisers with specific products or video creatives related to the keywords you have added.  Advertisers interested in your keywords will be more interested in the ad zone, because their ad will be more contextually interesting to the end user, the advertisers offer will get more qualified clicks which increases the CTR for the ad zone and will bring you a higher eCPM.


Advertisers – How to use keyword targeting

To be matched with publisher keywords in your campaign you should keep your keywords simple, common, and generic. For example:

  • Instead of “how to make money” just use ‘money’ or ‘income’ 

If you want to specify keywords for your campaign, you can add up to 500 words, but don’t be too restrictive in your choices, otherwise, you may end up with no traffic to target.

Please Note: In order to start receiving traffic, the campaign should match the keywords that the publisher ad zones are sending, not all publishers use Keyword targeting, so it is best to mix your Keyword targeting with Category targeting to maximise your opportunities, otherwise your campaign may not get any traffic.

Adding the keywords is simple:

  1. Go to Step 3: Targeting of creating a campaign.
  2. In the Keywords section, enter each word on a separate line, in this example we have chose money and income
  3. You can target or block any keyword in any language.

Targeted Keywords

You also have the option to block Keywords, in the example below we have chosen the Keyword humour, which will block all ad zones and websites that are tagged as humorous.

Please note: You cannot target and block keywords at the same time in campaigns, you can only choose to target or to block.

Additionally, you can use a {keyword} or {tags} token in the campaign’s URL to see the values matched on your site. You can do this is the Select Ad Destination of your Landing Page URL.


Publishers – How to set up Keyword tags

Simply ad ‘tags’ within your video ad zone’s code. For example, suppose you have video that features funny comedy. This would be ideal for an advertiser who has a humorous ad creative or is pushing a website that sells online jokes and tricks. 

To attract these ads you could insert into your video ad zone the tags ‘general’ to show the ad zone is open to all general types of ad creative and ‘humour’ to attract the aforementioned type of advertiser. 

The parameter to use for video ad zones is tags.

Here are examples using ExoClick’s three video ad formats:

  • In-Stream Video VAST – Added &tags=‘general, humour’ (this can also be used for In-video Banner VAST ad zones),humour


  • Video Slider – Added tags=‘general, humour’
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var adConfig = {
    "idzone": 3723071,
    "frequency_period": 15,
    "close_after": 0,
    "sound_enabled": 0,
    "on_complete": "repeat",
    "branding_enabled": 1,
    "sub": "10004734",
    "tags": "general,humour"
  • Outstream Video – Added data-tags=‘general, humour’
<script type="application/javascript"
    src="" async>

For more information on Keywords check out our documentation How can I use keywords to improve advertising matches?

Juanma Cortes