Publisher Case Study: How to Beat AdBlockers with Popunder In-Line Code

adblocking by end users

According to Statista, adblocking by end users is still very popular. Statista published the latest available figures in their report dated July 4 2022, Adblocking penetration rate in selected countries/territories worldwide as of 3rd quarter 2021. It showed that the average global adblocking rate was estimated at 37 percent. 

Globally, adblocking by end users costs publishers and advertisers billions of dollars and the losses are growing year on year. Technically speaking, adblockers do not block ads, they block web requests that download content into the adblock user’s browser stopping the end user from seeing the ad. 

Popunders are a very popular ad format with publishers and advertisers because they are served in the end user’s browser after they close the website where the Popunder has been served. It is a large format ad, so it offers advertisers a large creative opportunity to appeal to end users for their offer and publishers can earn big revenues from the ad format. However, of course, Popunders are also subject to adblocking. Luckily for ExoClick publishers, we have developed our in-line popunder code that can still force popunders to be shown to adblock users which allows publishers to monetize adblock traffic for this ad format. The code is very easy to implement in the <body> tags on a publisher’s website. 

We covered this topic back in November 2019 with our blog post: Case study: How 3 publishers increased earnings with our in-line popunder code, which also includes a tutorial on how to implement the in-line popunder code. However, some publishers to date have still not tried our in-line popunder code, or maybe they are new to our network, so to demonstrate how effective it can be in generating revenues from ad block traffic, we carried out two new publisher case studies. Both publishers implemented the in-line popunder code in June 2022, then we compared the results with statistics from May 2022 to see how popunder impressions and revenues increased for each website’s top 5 GEOs, we also took Statista’s data for the percentage of adblock users for each GEO.

Case study 1 – Desktop 

This publisher site is very popular with Tier 1 traffic on desktop, therefore as you can see its top GEOs are in Europe and North America. 

adblocking by end users desktop adblock in-line code

Germany showed the biggest increase in impressions and revenues, which also happens to be the biggest GEO for adblock users.

Case Study 2 – Mobile 

This publisher site is hugely popular in Asia on mobile.

adblocking by end users mobile adblock in-line code

China is a massive market, according to Data Reportal, there are currently 1.63 billion smartphone users and if 43.4% are using adblock, that’s a potential loss of 707.5 million end users to monetize. 


If you want to ensure that your Popunders are shown on both desktop and mobile, and you want to monetize adblock traffic, talk to your account manager or a Client Care Specialist here for more information.

Giles Hirst