Email Clicks are one of the best traffic sources for dating offers

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When you buy dating traffic, one source: Email marketing, is one of the best traffic sources for dating offers. Our Email Clicks ad format can be a highly effective way of reaching end users. In this article we will explain what are Email Clicks? We will also look at why are Email Clicks one of the best traffic sources for dating offers? How to optimize an Email Clicks campaign and some extra tips to maximize the impact of your email marketing campaign.

What are Email Clicks?

Using our Email Clicks ad format, our dating membership site publishers send an email campaign on your behalf to dating site users inboxes. These are email opted-in dating site users who are currently using or have been active users of dating websites. The email they receive is a template that features a subject line, a short text and a call to action (advertiser link) that directs the user to your offer’s landing page or sign up form. Bidding is CPC. 

Why are Email Clicks one of the best traffic sources for dating offers?

Device volumes & conversion rates: We are now living in a mobile first world, mobile devices are everyone’s personal computer now to keep up with news, social media, emails and of course, dating apps and sites. Therefore it is no surprise that our volumes for Email Clicks are 86.1% for Mobile, followed by 12.3% on Desktop and 1.5% on Tablet. Additionally, when you buy dating traffic, the Email Clicks traffic source performs with higher global conversion rates for mobile devices, second best Tablet and third on Desktop.

Email Clicks are one of the best traffic sources for dating offers

GEOs by volumes: ExoClick’s daily volumes are 740k clicks, with many of our sources being exclusive to ExoClick. The majority of clicks come from English speaking GEOs (92.2%): US, UK, CA, AU and tier 1 EU. 

How to optimise an Email Clicks campaign

These 4 steps, from our expert account managers will help you you optimize your campaigns successfully:

Step 1: Use SubIDs

Email users are a quality audience in marketing terms, which is why we suggest that you buy dating traffic using this source. Once the end user has clicked on your Email they are already interested in joining your dating site with the possibility of buying a subscription. They have been informed about your offer in the Email, and they want to try it out. That’s why normally the shorter the funnel, the better the ROI of your campaigns. Segmentation is important as it is with other channels. Even though email traffic comes from a number of bigger sources, the acquisition funnel matters. Always break down a source by a SubID as some segments may not work as well for your products as the others. To do this add the {tags} token to your URLs to receive the SubID information. Each SubID is related to one source’s database, and there are different SubIDs for each ad zone. By doing this you will optimize your campaign to find the best traffic from each zone.

Here is an example of what your url should contain:{zone_id}&SubID={tags}

Once you have collected some SubIDs, you have 2 options: Blacklist poorly performing ones and Whitelist good performing ones from the Keywords section within Campaign Settings.

Step 2: Use Frequency Capping

Frequency Capping is the amount of times you want your Email Clicks to be shown to a single end user. Here are three techniques you can test:

  • Test a RON campaign: Target all zones, set frequency capping at 1/24h (one view a day). You can test with either SmartCPC, but don’t set too low a bid or you won’t receive any traffic, or use a fixed CPC if you want to only pay a specific price for traffic
  • Test your WhiteList: Create campaigns targeting several good performing zones with a fixed CPC, but aim for a high setting to be competitive with your bids. Use a frequency capping of 1/12h
  • Scale up: Once you have profitable campaigns that are already optimized and with a good pricing model that allows you to scale up, experiment with increasing the frequency capping on each zone to win more volumes. Remember to always keep an eye on the performance to find the sweet spot

Step 3: Fast track your campaign results targeting BIG volumes

Tap into ExoClick’s large daily volumes of Tier1 English speaking GEOs. When you buy dating traffic, bigger volumes means you can test with lower bid prices to collect large amounts of data allowing you to optimize at an

earlier stage to get a profitable campaign in a shorter timeline.

Step 4: A/B test different flows

Try different flows after the end user has clicked on your Email Click’s CTA:

  • Prelander plus Sign up page versus no Prelander directly to Sign up page
  • Prelander plus Sign up page versus Landing page containing testimonials from other users 
  • Direct CTA e.g. “Let’s meet now!” versus a softer CTA e.g. “Find your ideal girlfriend!”

Some extra tips!

Here are some more tips to show you how to optimize an Email Clicks campaigns:

Use Smart CPC rather than a fixed CPC bid, in order to compete for each zone and ensure that you’re getting the best quality traffic possible according to your budget. We suggest that you use a high Smart CPC and let the system adapt the CPC according to the zone prices.

Targeting! Part of a great Email marketing campaign is the ability to apply deep targeting to your campaigns and analyze the data to help you make the right decisions to maximize your ROI. Your target end users are checking their emails on mobile and tablet while commuting, out shopping, watching TV at home, etc. Desktop opens are more likely during working hours when end users are using their laptops. Our Business Intelligence team looked at Global average Conversion Rates for each device on our network. All ExoClick’s targeting features are available for Email Clicks: Language, GEO, Region, Device, OS, Browser, Mobile Carrier, Day-parting, etc.

Use Day-parting to target mobile devices from early morning and early evening when users are commuting and relaxing at home. Use carrier billing offers to make it easy for end users to sign up to your dating product from a mobile device.

Our final tip, as mentioned Email Clicks are one of the best traffic sources for dating offers, so take advantage of our Email Clicks monthly Cashback promotion, allowing you to further invest in your campaigns at no extra cost!


Giles Hirst