Advertisers! How to use ChatGPT to create the perfect landing page to generate conversions

create the perfect landing page

With all the news about AI tool ChatGPT, as an advertiser have you ever asked, can I make a landing page with ChatGPT? A landing page is a simple website designed to persuade users who have clicked on your ad that they should buy your product or sign up for your offer. So, in short, it acts like the bridge between your ad and your offer. As a key step of your potential client’s user journey towards a conversion, whether it is a sale, a subscription, or other, it is important to create a great landing page that is compelling, well structured, and has a very clear CTA. So that your potential clients stay on the page, and know exactly what is expected for them to do, and where.

If you are an advertiser who is already managing several campaigns as well as your own business, you might not have all that much time to spare to create the perfect landing page for your offers. Thankfully, once again technology has brought a great solution for us to try out. We are talking about ChatGPT, the AI Chat based tool that the whole internet is raving about. Continue reading to learn how to use this Chat to create the perfect landing page to drive conversions:

How to make a landing page using ChatGPT: The AI that will help you create the perfect landing page

ChatGPT has been developed by OpenAI and it has been built based on machine learning models that understand and generate very human-like language. Its main purpose is to engage in conversation with online users in the most natural way possible. Observing the usefulness and depth of its responses, online users have started wondering whether it could fulfill tasks that designers, developers, and other content creators could do, and started experimenting – From creating entire Mobile Apps, all the way to generating new business plans!

At ExoClick we strive to ride the wave of tech trends and bring the best adtech solutions to our clients. To help you create the best possible landing page for your offer if you are short on time or resources, we decided to test out how good a job ChatGPT would do if tasked with helping you create it from zero. Note that there are several ways to use this AI to build a landing page. For instance, you can ask ChatGPT to generate your site in the form of HTML code, however, what we are going to ask it to do on this occasion is to come up with the content and structure of the landing, as well as giving us a few tips regarding website builders and SEO.

For this test, we have asked ChatGPT to help us create a landing page for a generic Dating site offer with the objective of generating more subscriptions.

H2 – Let’s start creating our perfect landing page!

First things first. Maybe you already have a specific site builder that you regularly use. But in case you don’t, we can simply ask the Chat for website builder options:

create the perfect landing page

So the ones that ChatGPT suggests are Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, and Weebly. However, we would like more comprehensive information, so let’s be a bit more specific in our prompt. Let’s suppose that we have a set budget that isn’t very high for our landing:

Use ChatGPT to build the landing content

Wix seems to be our best ally on this occasion. Of course, you will choose your website builder based on your needs, for instance, you might need a builder that specializes in very high end designs – ChatGPT can point you towards the right builder for this requirement, given that you specify that information in your prompt.

So on this occasion we are going with Wix, it is time to structure and write the landing’s content:

Come up killer content with ChatGPT to create your perfect landing page

Next, we asked ChatGPT what content works best for our Dating landing, and how to structure it. We added details about our landing’s purpose, and this is what it came up with:

So based on ChatGPT’s answer, here’s the content that we need to create:

Landing structure by ChatGPT

  • A catchy Header with information that is relevant to the site’s subscriptions
  • Benefits of joining your dating site, listing features and perks of your site
  • Testimonials with positive feedback and success stories from current or past members
  • A Sign-up form that makes it easy to register and a very clear CTA
  • Images that demonstrate what is in it for your audience
  • Pricing options
  • FAQ sections that addresses common questions about your dating site
  • CTA buttons and links to your membership options
  • Social Proof highlighting your site’s social media presence

Just as a reminder, note that we asked ChatGPT for help creating a generic Dating landing page. When writing prompts for ChatGPT remember to be as specific as possible, the more information you give it about your business, targets and niche, the more accurate it will be.

Let’s write out the content for your landing

Now, we need to write out the actual content. We will ask the Chat to write texts for the sections that it has previously suggested:

#1 Header and description: We will start with asking ChatGPT to write a catchy header, along with a description that talks about the benefits of using your dating site:

Write the header for your landing page

The header “Find Love Online with Our Exclusive Dating Site – Sign Up Now!” is pretty good, however the description is potentially a bit too long, so let’s shorten it a little bit to make it more user friendly to our potential daters, for instance:

‘Looking for love? Our premium Dating site connects you with like-minded singles everywhere. Our site is completely private and secure, with exclusive features including live chat and video calls. Sign up today to find your perfect match!’

This is just an example. The shortest you make your texts, the easier your potential daters can scan through the content and sign up.

#2 Testimonials: If you have a dating site that has been running for a while, you probably have plenty of testimonials to use, but in case that your offering is brand new, we can also get ChatGPT to write them out for us:

testimonials by ChatGPT

#3 Signup forms and CTAs: Next up we are going to ask ChatGPT to help us write texts for our landing’s sign up form, as well as a few CTAs:

signup forms and CTAs

Again, edit and adapt them as you need.

#4 FAQ section: Going with the assumption that your offer is brand new and you don’t already have frequently asked questions from users, we asked ChatGPT to also create the FAQ section for us:

FAQ section

As we can see, the Chat is giving us suggestions on what questions to ask, and how to answer them, since we know better than anyone about our site and how it works!

#5 Pricing options: Lastly, we need our subscription prices listing. This is potentially an unnecessary step, since if you are creating ads for your offer, you probably already have a pricing list. But we wanted to see what ChatGPT would come up with:

Pricing options

As we can see, it has come up with a sample pricing list, and then is prompting us to customize it and make it our own, based on business needs and market research.

Now, let’s make it SEO friendly to rank in Google

This doesn’t necessarily apply to all landings that are designed to be at the other end of an ad click, but depending on your strategy, you might want your landing page to rank on Google, so that it can be found. So, we asked ChatGPT for some advice on how to do our SEO strategy:

SEO research

As we can see above, the first step to our SEO strategy is to find relevant keywords. Let’s see what the Chat comes up with, using the title that it previously generated for us, ‘Find Love Online with Our Exclusive Dating Site – Sign Up Now!’:

KW research

Keywords: Find love online, exclusive dating site, sign up now.

‘Sign up now’ might be too generic, but the other 2 ones might work. Again, the more information that you input into the prompt, the more relevant the answers that ChatGPT will give you. To continue implementing a full SEO strategy, you would need to send prompts to ChatGPT based on the SEO strategy points above.

Once you have added the texts generated by ChatGPT to the website builder and implemented your SEO strategy, it is time to add extra elements such as social media icons and links, images, designs, contact us, a Thank You page, etc. Once all is done, you just have to publish and add the link to your ad campaigns! But first, let’s look at a few tips to make the most of ChatGPT:

Top tips to create your landing page using ChatGPT

Following are a few tips to make the most of ChatGPT when creating the perfect landing page:

Tip! Accuracy is key: Be as accurate as possible with your prompts, so that ChatGPT can give you custom answers. For instance, if your landing is about a Norwegian Fantasy online game aimed to Fantasy and Sci Fi fans who also enjoy Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings, then your prompt could be ‘Help me build a landing page to get downloads for my Norwegian Fantasy game, which is aimed to an audience of between 18 and 48 years old, and that enjoy Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings.

Tip! Shorten your texts: As we have observed, ChatGPT generates texts that are quite long. To make your landing more user friendly, make sure to shorten them, since the online audience’s attention span is not very long. Or you could even ask ChatGPT to shorten its previously generated texts for you!

Tip! Tailor the texts to your brand: Maybe you are already perfectly happy with the generated texts, but it is worth editing them to make them fit better with your brand. Also, if you have any specific catch phrases, slogans or expressions, you can add them into your prompt for ChatGPT to include them in your texts.

Tip! Use images that you used in your ads: Note that ChatGPT is a text-to-text tool, so it won’t be able to directly create images for you. You could add the images that you used for your ad creatives, which is a great idea to add cohesiveness to your end user’s journey towards the signup, relating your landing to the initial ad they have clicked on.

Tip! Use GPT for image creation: Still, if you need to, you can ask ChatGPT for tips on what imagery to portray for your services, or what designs and colors would suit your offer. Or, if you need more help editing your images, you could prompt ChatGPT to generate a code to be exported to Photoshop with information on how to edit specific images or even generate entirely new ones!

Tip! Use ExoClick’s Landing Page Optimizations: Have you created 2 or more landing pages for your offer? Use ExoClick’s Landing Page algorithms so that the best performing landing gets the most traffic. Experiment with different style landing pages: Editorial style, blog style, tips and tricks, etc. To make sure that you are catering to your specific audience, test out different landing variations to see what works best. Learn more here.

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