• A day in the life in Data Analytics and Data Science

    How does Data analytics benefit a business?

    In this article, we will explore a day in the life of a Data Analyst with Bella Lanczki and a day in the life of a Data Scientist with Miguel Silva. We will learn, what is the difference between Data Analytics and Data Science, how Data Scientists spend their time at work, What are the daily tasks of a Data Analytics professional, and explore Data Science and Data Analytics career... Read More

  • Meet Valentin: A day in the life of an ExoClick Advertiser Account Manager

    day in the life of an ExoClick Advertiser Account Manager Become an ExoClick Advertiser Account Manager What skills make a good Advertiser Account Manager Why ExoClick is the best ad tech company to work for

    Meet Valentin Bugallo, Advertiser Account Manager in ExoClick’s Advertising Team, within the Sales Department! As an Advertiser Account Manager, Valentin’s role is key to developing strong relationships with ExoClick’s global Advertiser clients. His responsibility is to help them achieve their Advertising objectives and sharing expert advice based on his knowledge of the ExoClick platform and its features, what verticals are popular with consumers and how to market online offers for... Read More

  • Marta Expósito, PHD: Improving the online advertising ecosystem 

    Ad tech companies that promote employee wellbeing 

    Employee wellbeing in the ad tech industry and personal and professional development in ad tech continue to be hot topics within the sector, so when thinking of working in this highly competitive environment, it is important to find ad tech companies that promote employee wellbeing and focus on their employee's development. ExoClick is an innovative ad network and multicultural ad tech company that has a strong focus on both improving... Read More

  • The best employee onboarding experience with ExoClick: Join one of the top tech companies in Barcelona

    Best employee onboarding experience

    Wondering how to get a job in tech in Barcelona at one of the top tech companies in Barcelona? ExoClick is an innovative ad network based in Barcelona, Spain, with a diverse and multicultural team of 90+ individuals from across the world. ExoClick’s mission is to create a healthy, positive and forward thinking working environment that is also inclusive and where everyone feels represented and relevant. To promote employee satisfaction... Read More

  • ‘Your success is our commitment’: Meet the ExoClick Customer Success Team!

    Customer Success Team

    ExoClick is an international innovative Ad Tech company which provides digital ad services to advertisers and publishers, helping them monetize their traffic and offers globally. With a client base that spreads across the globe, an instrumental part of the company is the Customer Success Team and Tech Support Team, which provides 24/7 multilingual assistance. Want to know more about this team and its wonderful members? Keep reading! Meet us: What's it... Read More

  • A typical working day for Customer Success Specialist Sofya Kirillova

    Customer Success

    ExoClick's Customer Success team is available 24/7 to help Publishes and Advertisers with any platform questions, optimisation tips, billing enquiries, etc. Sofya Kirillova is a Customer Success Specialist, so we interviewed her to find out more about her role. What is Customer Success and why is it important? Nobody likes to be stuck with their questions because there is no real person to help them, and no one likes to... Read More

  • A typical working day for Business Development Manager Jorge Bravo

    Have you ever wanted a career in Business Development? Jorge Bravo is a Business Development Manager here at ExoClick, focusing on dating traffic. We interviewed him to find out more about his role. What is Business Development and why is it so important? Business Development, or Biz Dev for short is normally considered an evolution of a sales role, but it is much more than just generating sales. Biz Dev... Read More

  • “Programmatic is the future of the digital ad industry.”

    Benjamin Fonzé CEO and founder of ExoClick, is interviewed by the eShow Magazine and talks about ExoClick's new Ad Exchange.  Click here to read the full interview. Read More

  • Benjamin Fonzé talks about 10 years of ExoClick

    1st of December 2016 marks ExoClick's 10th birthday. From it's humble beginnings the company has become Spain's biggest ad tech company and the 4th largest ad network in the world. ExoClick's Founder & CEO Benjamin Fonzé talks about how it all began 10 years ago... How was ExoClick conceived? “Well, it didn’t happen overnight. I have always been into technology and back in 2006 there were a few big guys... Read More

  • The 7 Wonders of the Customer Service World

    Being a global business, ExoClick offers it’s clients 24/7 customer service.  Here we talk to our Customer Service Director Mark Westwood to explore why CS is the lifeblood of any business and tips on how a company should run a succesful CS team. In a global digital business ecosystem like the online industry offering a range of products to either consumers or B2B, you need the support of an on... Read More