Publishers: Why monetize your Social Media and Messenger channels

Why monetize your Social Media traffic? Why monetize your Social Media and Messenger apps how to monetize social media groups with ExoClick how to monetize social media groups

If you are a Publisher and manage a Social Media channel or page, it is time to learn how to monetize it. Your audience is highly active and engaged and are always craving new content and entertainment. By showing them sponsored messages promoting services related to their interests and hobbies, you could noticeably boost your revenue whilst bringing value to your community. Continue reading to find out how and why monetize your Social Media and Messenger channels:

Why monetize your Social Media traffic?

Wondering why monetize your Social Media traffic? As we know, in this day and age, to be a Publisher (especially if you are a Social Media Publisher), you no longer need a website: Social Media and Messenger channels can be the best space to display your content, because people spend more time on Social Media than on any other channels – Around 145 minutes daily!

Here are a few reasons why you should monetize these highly valuable engaged audiences that you have built over time:

#1 Millions of users join and engage every single day: 4.62 billion people across the world use Social Media. New audiences are constantly joining Social Media channels, which means that your audience is ever-growing and always fresh. That also means that this audience is difficult to burn out and they are constantly craving new entertainment, making its monetization highly profitable at all times.

#2 Plenty of channels for your choosing: you have got hundreds of Social Media and Messenger channels to use such as Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, X, WhatsApp, TikTok, etc.

#3 Best verticals and niches: similar to point 2, Social Media and Messenger channels are great for targeting very specific interest groups and niches. A clear example is Social Media niche Dating, with which people can find their ideal partner based on sexual orientation, interests, hobbies, and background. So, Advertisers can find the most relevant niches to their offers, which means that the sponsored messages that will reach you are highly targeted to your subscribers’ interests, so they will not be regarded as ‘spammy’ or uninteresting.

#5 You can make the most of influencer traffic: Social Media influencers with large followings can be leveraged to promote products or services, reaching a highly engaged audience and potentially driving significant traffic.

#6 Higher revenues for you: the billions of users across Social Media channels make up the best-performing, most active referral online traffic, highly targeted niches, popular influencers in your vertical, different audiences with different communication styles opening up various promotion opportunities… Advertisers are more than happy to pay for it to promote their offers at your Social Media platforms! They are after the high CTRs, engagement, reach, and conversions, all ending in high profits and ROI for you!

Tips! How to monetize your Social Media and Messenger channels

Continuing on you will find a few tips on why monetize your Social Media and Messenger channels and how to do so efficiently:

Tip! Keep stable and great quality traffic volumes: keep the traffic volumes that you send to ExoClick stable and good quality; of course, the traffic you send should be from Social Messenger and Social Media pages!

Tip! Be aware of Community Rules and Guidelines: be extremely careful with placing direct links straight in Social Media posts, as this might violate the community rules. To ensure you are following the rules and keep out of trouble, make sure to check the community rules and guidelines of each individual Social Media channel that you use to share your content.

Tip! Pick the best content type for you and your audience: some of the best-performing Social Media posts are news, listicles, celebrity news, and comedy. Test out different content types to see what best suits you, your niche and your audience, and when in doubt, ride the trends.

Tip! Optimize for Mobile: you are in charge of building the creatives and texts for the sponsored posts in which you will add Advertisers’ Direct Links to monetize your traffic. When building these posts, remember to keep them, as well as the rest of your content, Mobile-friendly, since 91% of all Social Media users actively navigate from their Mobile devices.

Tip! Place your Direct Link on a high-visibility spot: it’s really important to understand where you allocate a Direct Link on your sponsored post to produce the highest possible results. It’s strongly recommended to integrate it on the most clickable spot getting the maximum amount of clicks accordingly. This high visibility spot changes depending on the type of content you will be producing. In order to understand where it is best to place the link, we recommend to run A/B testing with different placements and then closely observe and analyze the metrics.

Tip! Enable verticals that are relevant to your audience: as you already probably know, understanding your audience is key in order to cater the right offers for them, based on their tastes and interests. Make sure that you enable verticals and products that are relevant to your Social Media page and your audience’s interests and hobbies, so that your end users are interested enough on the offers to click on your ad zones.

Tip! Know your medium: every single channel has a different line of communication and method. For example, X is text-based and it limits your messages to 280 characters. On the other hand, TikTok is almost purely based on visuals. So, adapt your sponsored messages to your medium’s specifications to make your ads thrive!

Tip! Use ExoClick’s Customizable Dashboards to track performance: Get real-time statistics on your ad zones’ performance through ExoClick’s Advanced Reporting Customizable Dashboards. Social Media never sleeps! And your audience could be constantly engaging with your content at any time of the day.This means that you really want to keep on top of how they are interacting with your Sponsored Messages ad zones, to optimize and/or spruce out as needed.


So, if you are wondering why monetize your Social Media and Messenger channels and how, the best option to monetize your Social Media traffic is through an Ad Network that has a vast array of tools to manage your ad zones. On the other hand, you also want to make sure that your Ad Network keeps its Publishers protected from non-compliant ads, works with hand-picked, completely trust-worthy Advertisers, and has a Compliance Team that works 24/7 to guarantee ad chain flow security, ad quality, and full industry compliance. As well as a 24/7 Customer Success Team available to answer your questions, help you scaling up your activity, or any other query you may have.

If you have Social Media traffic to monetize through ExoClick’s platform, please get in touch with the Customer Success Team and they will explain how to start!

Anna Quiroga