• What is an ad tech Hackathon: The ultimate multicultural tech creative exchange 

    Creative exchange 

    Let us explain one of the perks of working in ad tech and being in the team of one of the best ad tech companies to work for, whether it is in Barcelona, Dublin, or Porto: Our internal ad tech Hackathon! Our team of Developers love a Hackathon, but ad tech Hackathon projects need teams that also include other roles for their teams including QA, Sales, Business Intelligence and Marketing... Read More

  • Fluid Player Master Class #2: How to add ad zones

    If you are not an expert in writing code, this Master Class will show you the code you need to add different ad zones using VAST, so you can easily add it to your website to monetise your video content through Fluid Player. The In-Video (VAST) format allows publishers to have one or multiple ads displayed along a video’s timeline within Fluid Player. Here is a full list of the... Read More

  • API Master Class #2 Zone Optimization

    In part 2 of our 3 part API Masterclass we look at using our platform API for Zone Optimisation. Part 1 covered Data Collection (click here) The aim is for you as an advertiser to use our examples to help get you started using the API and then later, when you feel more confident you can start creating your own examples and tasks. Zone Optimization allows you to filter your... Read More

  • 3 easy steps to integrate in-stream advertising with Fluid Player

    ExoClick’s in-stream video ad format works with all major HTML5 video players. Here we show you how to integrate the format using Fluid Player, a free, open source, fully customisable  HTML5 video player. It is lightweight, easy to integrate and has advanced VAST capabilities.   If you are a publisher showing video content on your site and want to take advantage of monetising your content with video advertising, you can... Read More

  • Google rolls out Android 7.1 developer preview

    As of yesterday (19 October) Google is rolling out its Android 7.1 Nougat Developer Preview and its SDK tools to developers who signed up for the Android Beta Program. This is the same Android 7.1 that’s already on the Google Pixel and the company's plan is to release another preview in November and then roll out the final version in December. What’s new in 7.1? Support for Google’s Daydream VR... Read More

  • Google I/O 2016 – the lowdown

    After the Google I/O show that got all Android developers very excited, here is a summary of what is on Google's roadmap. Read on! Android Back in March, Google released a preview of its forthcoming Android N update. At I/O it revealed more info and uses that go beyond the preview version: - VR support via its Daydream platform - Automatic removal of less frequently used apps from the home... Read More

  • The digital economy is getting APIer every day

    Benjamin Fonzé the founder and CEO of ExoClick, explains the automative and revenue benefits of API integration within the digital economy. What is an API? In the data filled age that we live in today more and more digital businesses are opening up their platforms with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) so that clients and third party developers can create new software based products and applications based around those platforms. Essentially... Read More

  • 10 new features inside Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    Google is now rolling the latest version of its mobile operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow (Android M). The rollout hits Nexus devices first, for other handsets, it depends on the manufacturer. To help give developers an overview of the new OS we've picked out 10 new feature updates to examine in a little more detail: 1. Web experience Chrome Custom Tabs is a new feature that gives developers a way... Read More

  • 4 Windows Edge browser enhancements

    Goodbye Internet Explorer. Hello Edge. Edge is the default browser for Windows 10 and it won't run on older versions of Windows. As PC users continue to install the free OS update to replace Windows 7 & 8, here are four ways in which Edge promises to be superior to the browser it replaces: Internet Explorer. 1. Faster, richer browsing According to Microsoft, Edge is twice as fast as its... Read More

  • 8 Android Lollipop features to give you a sugar rush

    Android 5.0 Lollipop has been slow to get off the ground. Google’s dashboard that tracks the versions of Android OS being used showed that by January 2015 (2 months after its official launch) it had not even reached the minimum 0.1% of usage to show up in the charts. Lollipop's source code was released on November 3rd 2014, with over-the-air updates going out 9 days later to a number of... Read More