ExoClick’s Network Statistics Q2 2019

Each quarter our Business Intelligence team examines our network data. For Q2 we focussed on The Bidder, Video Advertising and Email Clicks, here are the results.


The ExoClick Bidder

Advertisers are continuing to use our Bidder tool to automate their bidding and blocking of under performing ad zones. In Q2 this year we saw an increase in new users month on month:

Bidder Rules

But what criteria are users setting for their rules? Comparing Q1 with Q2, users adapted the rules according to market forces, the offers they are promoting and the ad zones they are targeting. Q2 showed an increase in using Clicks and eCPA as rules:

Video advertising statistics 

Video is becoming more and more important for advertisers, as a result we have seen higher adoption from our publishers to use video ad formats. Here we compare Q1 to Q2 growth for pre-roll in-stream ads:


Comparing pre-roll in-stream video ads with in-video banner ads, the top 6 verticals with the highest CTR for each format are:

The Video Slider ad format

4 weeks ago we launched the Video Slider ad format. This format has already seen a very high adoption from both publishers and advertisers. Since launch we now have 1,474 active Video Slider ad zones. As you can see in the graph below, here is the impressions growth served since launch week 1 to week 4:

We are seeing with this format and average view rate of 40.46% and the average CTR of 2.02%. We will be investigating more Video Slider statistics in our Q3 business intelligence blog post.


Email marketing

ExoClick has been expanding it’s email marketing business, in 2018 we launched the Email Click ad format. An Email Click is generated from emails sent to the end user who has opted in to receiving a newsletter. The call to action within the email is the advertiser’s link that directs the user to the advertiser’s landing page or sign-up form. This format is available on CPC. 


Clicks growth

Comparing Q1 to Q2 we have seen a growth of 20.28% in our daily Email Clicks served and 5.13% increase in active email campaigns:

We also increase our world wide GEO coverage for Email Clicks and we have seen rapid growth in the following markets compared to Q1:


Giles Hirst