Publishers! How to increase your Native advertising traffic value

By helping advertisers increase their CTR ratio your traffic becomes more valuable to them, which means they will pay a higher price for your ad zones. I’m talking specifically about Native advertising, and in this blog post I will explain one way you can optimise your Native ad zones.

A Native ad consists of an image, a title and description. In your admin panel, when you are setting up a Native ad zone, you can select whether to include a title and a description. 

ExoClick’s Business Intelligence department carried out an analysis of CTRs when a Native ad zone only contained an image, the average CTR without a title and/or description was 0.14%. The CTR increased to 0.23% with a title and description, that’s an overall increase of 60.8% in value to an advertiser. 

You can easily enable Titles and Descriptions within your Native ad zones in your admin panel by toggling them on in the ad zone set up ‘Advanced’ section.

With ExoClick you have three options for Native ad formats: Recommendation, Exit and Interstitial, which gives you three extra ways to generate revenues from this format. Try out adding Titles and Descriptions and see if they increase your bidding prices over time.

Giles Hirst