• How ExoClick promotes wellbeing in the workplace in ad tech 

    wellbeing in the workplace in ad tech

    When looking for a new job, wellbeing in the workplace in ad tech is potentially the most popular search criteria amongst job seekers. Workers spend a high percentage of the day interacting within their company. So it makes sense to join a great ad tech company where ‘workplace wellbeing’ transcends its buzzword status, with benefits put in place to make it a palpable reality; We are talking about benefits such... Read More

  • How ExoClick innovated in 2023

    How ExoClick innovated in 2023

    Each year ExoClick introduces new features to help Advertisers and Publishers have more tools to generate more revenues. For Advertisers this means more options for visibility of their offers via innovative ad formats, optimization and automation tools to help them convert their offers with ExoClick’s high quality traffic sources. For Publishers this means more innovative ways to maximize their ad zones with additional features to increase their demand from advertisers.... Read More

  • Meet Yashoda: A day in the life of an ExoClick Customer Success Manager

    A day in the life of an ExoClick Customer Success Manager what does a customer success manager do in ad tech Customer Success manager jobs in Barcelona Ad network with expert dedicated customer success team

    ExoClick’s Customer Success Team is an instrumental part of our Publisher and Advertiser clients’ success, providing 24/7 multilingual assistance to enable them to make the most of the platform and achieve their business objectives. For this 'A day in the life of an ExoClick Customer Success Manager' article, we have interviewed Customer Success Manager Yashoda Budhathoki and asked her what her day to day working within the ExoClick Customer Success... Read More

  • Meet Valentin: A day in the life of an ExoClick Advertiser Account Manager

    day in the life of an ExoClick Advertiser Account Manager Become an ExoClick Advertiser Account Manager What skills make a good Advertiser Account Manager Why ExoClick is the best ad tech company to work for

    Meet Valentin Bugallo, Advertiser Account Manager in ExoClick’s Advertising Team, within the Sales Department! As an Advertiser Account Manager, Valentin’s role is key to developing strong relationships with ExoClick’s global Advertiser clients. His responsibility is to help them achieve their Advertising objectives and sharing expert advice based on his knowledge of the ExoClick platform and its features, what verticals are popular with consumers and how to market online offers for... Read More

  • Marta Expósito, PHD: Improving the online advertising ecosystem 

    Ad tech companies that promote employee wellbeing 

    Employee wellbeing in the ad tech industry and personal and professional development in ad tech continue to be hot topics within the sector, so when thinking of working in this highly competitive environment, it is important to find ad tech companies that promote employee wellbeing and focus on their employee's development. ExoClick is an innovative ad network and multicultural ad tech company that has a strong focus on both improving... Read More

  • The ExoClick Customer Success Team: Your 24/7 Partner for Success

    ExoClick Customer Success team

    If you are an ExoClick client, you have most likely gotten in touch with the ExoClick Customer Success Team - In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising and publishing, having a reliable partner to guide you through the intricacies of the industry is invaluable. ExoClick, a prominent player in the online advertising world, has been providing exemplary 24/7 customer service and dedicated ad tech support since 2013 through its dedicated... Read More

  • ExoClick is now a member of WeProtect Global Alliance

    ExoClick is now a member of WeProtect Global Alliance

    ExoClick is now a member of WeProtect Global Alliance, an Alliance of over 200 members committed to ending child sexual exploitation and abuse online. We believe that every child deserves to grow up in a safe digital environment, free from harm and exploitation. WeProtect Global Alliance brings together governments, civil society, and the technology industry to tackle the growing threat of child sexual abuse online. By working together, the Alliance... Read More

  • ExoClick becomes a member of Adigital

    ExoClick joins Adigital

    ExoClick, is now a member of Adigital. Adigital is the leading business association representing the Digital Economy in Spain. ExoClick is a Spanish company based in Barcelona and the company’s membership to Adigital will allow ExoClick to continue to strengthen its commitment to business innovation within the digital ecosystem. Adigital represents over 525 innovative and transformative companies that believe in and work for the development of the economy based on... Read More

  • What is an ad tech Hackathon: The ultimate multicultural tech creative exchange 

    Creative exchange 

    Let us explain one of the perks of working in ad tech and being in the team of one of the best ad tech companies to work for, whether it is in Barcelona, Dublin, or Porto: Our internal ad tech Hackathon! Our team of Developers love a Hackathon, but ad tech Hackathon projects need teams that also include other roles for their teams including QA, Sales, Business Intelligence and Marketing... Read More

  • The best employee onboarding experience with ExoClick: Join one of the top tech companies in Barcelona

    Best employee onboarding experience

    Wondering how to get a job in tech in Barcelona at one of the top tech companies in Barcelona? ExoClick is an innovative ad network based in Barcelona, Spain, with a diverse and multicultural team of 90+ individuals from across the world. ExoClick’s mission is to create a healthy, positive and forward thinking working environment that is also inclusive and where everyone feels represented and relevant. To promote employee satisfaction... Read More

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