Create high quality Video ads with AI

AI is the future of Video Advertising

In the last ten years, there have been significant advancements in AI technology. Chatbots are now able to respond to a wide array of inquiries, and text-to-image AI can quickly transform text into animated images. Additionally, AI has made strides in generating Videos that can be utilized for various purposes, including Advertising. In this article, we will look at why people are saying AI is the future of Video Advertising and how to create high quality Video ads with AI!

What is AI Video generation?

AI video generators are a form of machine learning technology capable of generating videos across many genres, based on human inputs. For example, if you want a video of taxis driving through New York City you may input something like ‘yellow taxis driving through New York’. After receiving text prompts and directions, the AI will create a Video depicting the prompt to the best of its ability. If you are unhappy with the result you can regenerate or add detail to help the AI. Now that we know how it works, let’s explore: what are the best software tools for creating AI Video ads for your campaigns.

What are the best software tools for creating AI Video ads?

Pika Art

Pika Art was developed by two Stanford Ph.D students who wanted to make video editing easier than ever! There are three ways to create videos with Pika Art AI:

  • Video from Text: Input the information and details of what you would like to see in your video and let the AI do its magic.
  • Image to Video: This allows you to turn your favorite photos, paintings, and drawings into immersive, moving scenes.
  • Video to Video: You can upload and edit your videos with Pika Art by uploading and asking the AI to modify anything in the frame or change the style of your video.

Pika Art is ideal for creating In-Stream, Slider, and Outstream Video ads, providing smooth movements and a variety of narration options. This is why Pika Art is considered one of the best software tools for creating AI Video ads.

Tip! How to create high quality Video ads with AI: If the media library and stock content fall short, you can fill in the blanks with AI-generated images. Google’s Imagen can create detailed and highly specific images with just a few prompts.

This software comes with a lot of stock videos that you can use to create a Video ad. A special feature that this software has is ‘magic cut’. This allows the Advertiser to shorten a 20-minute video into a 30 second social media clip in minutes2. It will also redirect the eyes of the actor to make eye contact and automatically create subtitles. If you are an Advertiser who deals with Educational products or Fintech offers this can be a great way to change your long-form explainers into a video ad. has an Avatar AI function that can be used if you would like to create this style of ad. Additionally, Veed’s AI text to video makes it easy to transform written content into compelling videos! This software would work best for creating In-Stream, Slider, and Outstream Video ads.

Tip! If you are an Advertiser who works in streaming you could record a live stream and upload it to the software. The AI will automatically create shorter videos out of the original live video which you can use to promote your streams as ads.

This is another text to image tool. It is very advanced in terms of image quality, it can make highly realistic content with smooth video movement, highlights, and shading you would expect to see in traditional video or photography.

Tip! You can use AI to remove background noise and refine the quality of your videos and audio tracks as well. Online tools allow you to upload and “clean” your audio to help your video sound more professional.

Video GPT

Video GPT or Invideo allows you to create a video with a text prompt and it is supported by Chat GPT. It has one of the largest video stock libraries with available content from Storyblocks, Shutterstock, and Istock by Getty Images. You can ask for a specific video length or file type. For example, if you are making a Video Banner ad you can specify that you would like the site to be 728×90 to meet the standard specifications and download in MP4 format. If you’re not satisfied with any part of your video, you can manually edit it and replace it with a stock video that aligns better with your branding. The recommended formats for this software are In-Stream, Slider, Outstream Video ads, and Video Banner ads.

Tip! Video transcripts help make your video more accessible and SEO-optimized. Instead of transcribing your videos by hand, you can use AI to generate transcripts directly from your video file. It is very accurate making Video GPT one of the best software tools for creating AI Video ads. 


This software generates videos from text, images, and video content. It has access to a range of stock options from free to premium videos as well as uploading your own content. You have the ability to modify the AI generated videos and add in any stock video you believe is better suited to your ad. Although there are some bugs in the software, they are working on fixing them based on reviews. If you want to transform text into a narrated ad with video, this software is a great option for you. The best ad formats for this software are Video Banner ads, as they create a dynamic image that will catch your audience’s eye.

Tip! How to create high quality Video ads with AI: Experts in AI recommend that if you are creating an AI generated video with this software you should:

  1. Go to the end of the generated video
  2. Screenshot the image 
  3. Create a new video with the generated image

This will allow you to make a longer video and can be used to select a style to best suit your brand. It can also help you create ad variations that follow a similar aesthetic.

Best practices when creating Video Ads with AI

  1. Copyright and Intellectual Property: If you upload an image to the AI tool, ensure that you have the right to use any images, videos, music, or other content that may be incorporated into the AI-generated video. This will protect you from legal issues.
  2. Ethical Use: Use AI generated video content responsibly and ethically. Avoid creating deceptive or misleading videos that could harm individuals or communities.
  3. Transparency: Transparency is key to building trust with your audience and avoiding confusion or misrepresentation. If you are making longer form video explainers, disclose that AI was used in the process.
  4. Quality Control: Monitor the output of the AI-generated video to ensure that it meets your standards for quality and relevance. You should always watch your video in full before uploading it to ensure the AI has not misinterpreted or provided incorrect information.

Conclusion: AI is the future of Video Advertising

The world of AI is exciting and constantly improving through machine learning. In the Future, Advertisers and Publishers will use AI for a wider range of tasks this is why people consider AI the future of Video Advertising. Why not start exploring these tools today and find the one that is right for you? Take advantage of ExoClick’s Video ads and increase your revenue today. If you are not using ExoClick for your campaigns and you are an Advertiser looking for a reliable Ad Network with a fantastic team of professionals who can help you with any query, sign up now!

Alice Naughton