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Wondering about Human Resources responsibilities in ad tech? ExoClick’s HR Department takes care of our amazing team, supporting them from the very start as new joiners, and throughout their career within the company. ExoClick is a multicultural environment with team members from across the globe, the HR Department is paramount to promote a positive and inclusive company culture and working environment. To better understand how our team members from HR work, we have decided to ask them a few questions about their day to day and role at ExoClick: One of the ad tech companies with the best HR department! Keep reading to find out more, meet our HR team and make sure to stay tuned for the second edition of the ‘meet our HR team’ series!

What are the different roles and responsibilities within ExoClick’s HR Department?

In short, Human Resources responsibilities in ad tech are to manage the employee’s life cycle; from recruiting, hiring and onboarding, all the way to training, ensuring wellbeing and satisfaction within the workplace, finding the best benefits to enhance lifestyle in and out of work; and lastly, handling offboarding processes, to ensure they go as smoothly and comfortably as possible for all parties involved. Now, lets meet 3 members of our HR team in ExoClick: One of the ad tech companies with the best HR team.

Esmeralda Morrone, HR Coordinator

Esmeralda’s role as a HR Coordinator is to organize the different functions within the department, maintaining personnel records, creating and updating employee handbooks, and organizing trainings and orientations.

‘Hi Esmeralda! Tell us a bit about your day to day as a HR Coordinator in ExoClick!’

Q: What training and development programs does your HR team offer to support employee growth?

At ExoClick, we believe that company growth goes hand in hand with the training and development of our employees. That’s why we’ve established our own internal University!

Specifically, we have three training initiatives:

  • Internal training: These are sessions conducted by our own employees who are experts in a particular topic, and all employees across the company can choose to participate. They often cover technical skills or aim to improve and inform about specific areas within our industry.
  • External training: We offer more specialized training programs tailored to specific professional families or teams within our company. These typically last for several months and are designed in collaboration with external trainers. They aim to develop both technical skills and soft skills that are valuable throughout the employee’s professional life.
  • Udemy For Business: Full access to Udemy courses is another opportunity available to our employees to broaden or deepen their skills. These courses can be explored independently by the employee or incorporated into a personalized development plan designed in collaboration with the HR team.

Q: How does your HR team support external professional development and training opportunities for employees?

One of the most important Human Resources responsibilities in ad tech, is that our HR team supports external professional development and training opportunities for employees in several ways. The most significant is undoubtedly that we offer our employees who want to continue their education outside the company (for example by starting a Masters program) a training budget and training time. In fact, we have an allocate budget for job-related external training initiatives. Additionally, these employees can take advantage of up to 5 days off (In addition to their regular vacation days) for study purposes, which in my opinion makes ExoClick the ad tech companies with the best HR Department.

Q: How does your HR team stay updated on HR trends, labor laws, regulations, and best practices in the industry?

Our HR team stays updated through various means:

  • Continuous Learning: Members of our HR team engage in ongoing professional development activities such as attending conferences, seminars, webinars, and workshops focused on HR topics. This allows them to stay informed about the latest trends and best practices in the field.
  • Networking: Our HR professionals actively participate in professional networks, both online and offline, where they can exchange knowledge and experiences with peers from other organizations. This helps them stay abreast of industry developments and emerging practices.
  • Subscriptions and Publications: We subscribe to industry publications, journals, and newsletters that provide updates on HR trends, labor laws, regulations, and best practices. This ensures that our team has access to timely and relevant information.
  • Collaboration with Legal Experts: We maintain close collaboration with legal experts specializing in employment law to ensure that our HR policies and practices are compliant with current regulations and legislation.

Q: What training and development opportunities do you offer to new hires to help them succeed in their roles?

We provide comprehensive training and development opportunities to new hires, tailored to help them succeed in their roles. From their first days at the company, they are provided with an onboarding agenda that includes various training stages to help them start performing their role. This includes both e-learning sessions on company processes and internal systems, as well as several shadowing sessions with new colleagues to provide clear explanations and directly address any doubts. The training period extends over several months and we continue the learning process by assigning courses to new employees and conducting various follow-ups to assess any additional training needs.

Clara Elias Albajés, Talent Acquisition and Retention Manager

Are you looking to find the best jobs in the ad tech industry? Clara’s the person to talk to! Clara’s role as Talent Acquisition and Retention Manager is to come up with and implement strategies and initiatives to promote employee satisfaction and retention, through a positive company culture and working environment.

‘Hi Clara! We are excited to find out what your day to day at ExoClick’s HR Department looks like!’

Q: Can you describe your day as a Talent Acquisition and Retention Manager?

As a Talent Acquisition and Retention Manager, my days are very dynamic and filled with various tasks aimed at sourcing, hiring, and retaining top talent for the organization. A typical day starts with reviewing job postings and refining recruitment strategies to attract qualified candidates. I might spend time conducting interviews, to assess candidate’s skills, experience and fit. Additionally, I collaborate with hiring managers to understand their staffing needs and give advice on candidates. I also conduct follow-ups with new joiners during the first year in the company to evaluate their satisfaction, and lastly, we also work on different HR projects such as eNPS or competency projects.

Q: What qualities and skills do you look for in potential candidates during the hiring process?

It depends on the role; whenever a new job role requirement is sent to me, I have a chat with the manager in order to identify the main competences that they are looking for in that position. When evaluating potential candidates, I prioritize a combination of technical skills, experience, competences and also making sure that they fit within the company culture.

Q: Can you share some tips for job seekers to stand out during the application and interview process?

Sure! Here are a few:

  • Tailor the resume and cover letter: Customize the resume and cover letter to highlight relevant skills and experiences that align with the job requirements in a way that also showcases your personality.
  • Research the company: Take time to research the company, its culture and its values to make sure that they align with your own.
  • Highlight achievements: During interviews, focus on highlighting your accomplishments and how they relate to the job you’re applying for.
  • Showcase the soft skills: In addition to technical abilities, emphasize your soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. These skills are often just as important as technical proficiency in determining job success.

Iván Prol Cacabelos, Recruiter in Human Resources 

Iván is a Recruiter and he is also in charge of helping you find the best jobs in the ad tech industry! The responsibility of a HR recruiter is to find potential candidates that are appropriate for the advertised job posts, as well as advertising the positions and interviewing the applicants.

‘Hello Iván! Please tell us more about your team and daily work at ExoClick, one of the ad tech companies with the best HR Department!’

Q: What role does employee feedback play in improving the company culture and hiring processes?

By actively listening to our employees’ feedback, we can address any issues or potential needed improvements rapidly, cultivate a culture of transparency and openness, and make informed decisions that positively impact employee satisfaction and retention. It also helps us optimize our recruitment strategies, ensuring that we attract candidates who align with the company values and culture.

Q: How does your HR team promote employee engagement and retention?

Engaged employees are more productive, satisfied, and likely to stay with the company long-term. Throughout the years, we have created various initiatives like follow-ups, team building activities and opportunities for professional growth. We also prioritize creating a supportive work environment where employees feel valued and empowered.

Q: How does your HR team handle conflict resolution and employee relations?

We approach conflict resolution with empathy, fairness and professionalism, addressing potential issues promptly. Our team facilitates open communication channels, encourages constructive dialogue and fosters a culture of respect and collaboration, where everyone feels included and heard.

Conclusion: Human Resources responsibilities in ad tech

Now you know what Human Resources responsibilities in ad tech are! Are you wondering how to get a job in ad tech? Do you want to join an exceptional team of professionals from around the world in one of the ad tech companies with the best HR Department? Are you looking to pursue a career in HR, Data Analytics or any other roles within the tech sector, in a company with a great culture and work environment? Check out our Careers Page to find out about our employee benefits, education opportunities, team building activities, and find the best jobs in the ad tech industry! Join us now and for your chance to meet our HR team in real life!

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